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Diet Bore #4

So, week one on Slimming World, what did I do? 

Woohoo! I can lose weight, huh. I had a really good week and I had a good loss to show for it. It has really helped that my sister has been doing it with me and we’ve been cooking meals and eating together. We made slimming world quiche, had salads, diet coke chicken, lentil chilli, loads! I have really enjoyed what I’ve been eating and cooking form scratch is something I’ve always enjoyed. I haven’t been craving crap and I’ve been trying my best to drink water a lot more – I take a refillable bottle to work with me and always have it in my bag. I’ve cut down on milk (I can give up milk easier then I can give up cheese so tend to have my cheese as HEA) and I’m drinking a Green tea (loving mint green tea and also the salted caramel green tea at the moment). In the last week I have not eaten too many syns, about 5 a day. I think I should up this though as I know cravings will kick in. I haven’t purposely eaten 5 it’s just that’s where I’ve ended up! I don’t tend to eat syns during the day but have them for treats at night. 

I’m aiming for 3lbs again this week, I’m not sure if I can do this bit I’m giving it my best shot. I really need to plan, this week will be harder as my sister is away  but I’m taking it day by day and just focusing on free foods as much as I can. My slimming world consultant said last week that this is not a diet, it’s healthy eating and this really struck with me. I am eating as healthy as I can, when I can. Let’s see what happens when I weigh in this week!

As you can see I really am being a diet bore at the moment, but I’ve got a new found enthusiasm for this and I’m going to go for it. So there. If you like boring pictures of food come join me on Instagram. 🙂 

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