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Diet Bore #3

Ok, so I have been a little quiet on the diet bore front. However, things are picking up now I’ve gone and joined Slimming World again. 

As I mentioned previously, my weight was plateauing and whilst I lost a good stone on weight watchers I just couldn’t get any further. I’ve done slimming world before and I know it works. I know it suits me. I just have to cut down on the junk, and to be honest I really do need to do this. 

So, I went and signed up to a local group last Thursday with my sister for company. It was lovely. I was nervous but everyone there was very friendly. I’d forgotten how much of a positive and welcoming place going to group can be.

I hadn’t weighed myself for the last two weeks, so when I got on the scales I wasn’t sure what to expect. On their scales, it looks like I’ve put on 4lbs in the last few weeks, but that’s ok.

I’m aiming for my first 7lbs, and I have a target weight which is several stones to lose. I’m just going to take it one step at a time, and I know I can get there. 

Food wise, I have found it very easy to slip back into slimming world again. The plan has changed a bit, and I’m getting my head around that, but I am really enjoying focusing on healthy, fresh food and making my own meals. I am starting with extra easy and then I will perhaps try the new extra easy SP in a few weeks. 

Planning is the key. With my sister supporting me and also doing slimming world, it’s making it easy at home to make meals in the evening and also for lunches. I am trying my best to plan ahead and to really think about what I’m eating. 

So, there you go. I will update each week about how I’ve done, and I’m feeling very positive and hopeful that my weight loss journey has been invigorated again. 

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