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Diet Bore #2

This week, I put on 0.6lbs.

Not a lot. Still, it’s a gain.

I have to sort my shit out. I can not go backwards.

This week has been mixed; stress at work on Monday meant that I ate a lot of chocolate. I vowed not to do that again and for the rest of this week I have been true to my word.

I am getting organised; dusted off the slow cooker and made some chilli yesterday. I also walked Bubs to nursery yesterday which was a 25 min walk which I’m pleased about.

I am going to start slimming world; I was hoping tonight but it may not be possible due to childcare. If not I will go next week.

I know the basic principles so am trying to eat sensibly and cut out all the processed rubbish.

So. A bit of a rubbish week. I am starting to get a grip, though. Being in limbo doesn’t help but I need to remind myself that I am the one putting all this stuff into my mouth and actually I am the only one who can make changes. Just need to keep focused and eat consciously.

Hopefully next week will be more positive and I can get my weight loss restarted

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