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Diet Bore #1

Boring weekly diet ramblings

So, this is the first update of my healthy eating/diet of 2015. If you haven’t been read before, I started to lose weight in July 2014. It has been a slow slog, but I have lost over a stone, and I am trying my best to actually lose some more.



Since November, I have been stuck in groundhog day with my weight. I have more or less stayed the same weight since the 7th November! Christmas I put on about 4lbs (that spike you can see there) but I lost this the next week, but since then its been the same weight (give or take a half pound) every single week. I am stuck.

I refuse to give up, I refuse to say “sod it”, refuse to give in to my ‘binge’ attitude, I want to lose this weight.

It has been tough; December was a very tough month for us as a family, and so I can understand why things didn’t move. However, I genuinely started January in a great mood, and really ready to take on my weight loss. I have been eating well, and yes I have had a few blips but nothing too crazy.

I know I need to up my game; I need to move, start fitness. So yes the DVDs are coming out. I’ve been doing Tap Dancing as well, which has been really good and given me confidence to start other classes.

I need to drink more water – recently I’ve been living on Diet Coke which is not good for anyone. I know I need to drink more water.

I am wondering about my approach; I’ve been doing weight watchers online and it has worked up until now. I’m womdering if I need to switch to Slimming World, which, to be honest, has always been my preferred approach, but weight watchers was right for me when I started back in July. As I mull this over, I have started My Fitness Pal App as well, to count calories and just have a good old look at what I am actually eating. I’m pretty carb-heavy at the moment, so I know I need to either cut this down, or this just adds to my thoughts about switching to slimming world.

All in all, I feel happier than I did last year, and that’s what I need to keep in mind. I saw a time hop today which has further motivated me. This was me this time last year:


And this is me now:


I know I’m not perfect, or anywhere near where I should be, but I have made changes, I am making changes, and I am moving in the right direction, so I feel content with that. Now I just want to get back into the 13 stone bracket. This is 6lbs away from me. 6lbs which has been hanging over me since November. February is the month I kick this 6lbs’ ass.

If you have any advice for someone stuck in a groundhog-plateau-nightmare, then please let me know your tips.

My idea with this blog item id to update weekly; I need to get all this diet nonsense out of my head. I weigh-in on a Friday, so let’s see what happens this week.


Onwards and Downwards

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