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Confidence Clothes

Confidence Clothes

I thought I would share with you some more confidence clothes I have bought recently.




Confidence clothes are clothes that you wish you wore, that you see in the shops and think look great but would never wear. I am asking, why not? I started off with a pair of trousers (which you can read about here), but since buying them, and how successful it has been wearing them, I decided I was going to buy some more!

So What Have I bought?

confidenceclothes2I bought this maxi dress (pictured above) from Primark for £15. I have never bought a maxi-dress before as I thought that it would be too long, or too hugging of the bumps and lumps! However I tried this dress on and was surprised! It wasn’t too long, and it seemed to skim my lumpy bits. I was a little unhappy of my hips, but I can’t exactly change them can I! I love this dress, it is really comfy and was great on holiday. I like the sleeves on this dress as it hides my bat-wingy arms which I can get a little self concious about. I wore this dress on holiday, I felt great, glamourous even. I am so glad that I decided to take the plunge and buy this dress.

More Confidence Trousers!

Yes I bought more! (see above) These are slightly different as they are more of a silky material (I know, I gasped too as silky material is not the most forgiving!) They were still a bargain £9 from Primark, and they look great witha t-shirt. As they are not so bright as my other trousers they make a good contrast.

Bowie T-Shirt, £22 Next
Bowie T-Shirt, £22 Next

Bowie T-Shirt

I saw this Bowie T-shirt in Next and I decided I was going to buy it there and then! I love a bit of Bowie, and this T-Shirt exudes a bit of cool. I Love the colour and the gold ‘Bowie’ at the bottom. I used to think these T-shirts were a bit too ‘cool’ for me, but I have decided that this will look great with some jeans, and a night out at the pub (just need to sort out a night out at the Pub now!)


I feel good when I wear these clothes,  I don’t feel silly, I don’t feel self concious. We are limiting ourseleves due to our anxieties, but if you try just breaking through that barrier, you can feel amazing! I have realised that I am now starting to choose clothes that are ‘me’; that fit my personailty, that are me, as I want to be, not what I think others think I should look, or be. I know it sounds silly that clothes can make you feel this way, but I really do think that it has helped me change my frame of mind.

Having a baby, you can feel your own identity is lost, by buying these clothes, and showing people my personailty through them, I am regaining a little piece of myself at the same time! And you know what I don’t think I look too bad either.

If you have done the same, if you have decided to get some confidence clothes, why don’t you let me know? If there are a lot of people interested I may even start up a little linky!

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  • I’ve found it really hard to find clothes I like after having little b. Branched out a bit style wise and I feel much better when I think I look better. I’ve accepted that I need to dress for the body I have now not the one I want or had.

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