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Christmas Presents From The Past: Guest Post from The Blonde Galaxy

Welcome to my very last post in my Christmas Presents from the Past series. Thank you for everyone joining in. Today it’s Georgie over at The Blonde Galaxy who’s telling us all about aspects
Present from her childhood:

Hello readers of Tealady Mumbles, I am Georgie and I blog over at The Blonde Galaxy. When Emily asked on twitter if anyone wanted to do a feature on her oh so wonderful blog. I jumped at the chance especially as it was to do a post on a Christmas present from the past and I had the perfect present in mind.

Born in 1989, I am a child of the early nineties and in my opinion toys where the best, as they where still being heavily influenced by toys from the 80’s. I remember being obsessed with My Little Pony, Care Bears, Sylvanian Families, Lego (boy Lego, I had a Robin Hood castle) and even old plastic farm animals handed down from my older siblings.

But nothing quite compared to a one inch plastic doll called Polly Pocket! I loved Polly Pocket so much and had quite a substantial collection as a little girl. She was so cool and as far as I’m aware was never as gimmicky as Barbie. The concept behind her was that her whole world fit into your pocket… She always came in a small case which had a theme as did the doll, one of my favourites was a tree house, the top of the tree opened up to reveal a kitchen/dining and bedroom. Oh how I have fond memories.

It was Christmas 1993 and I remember being given a huge present by my parents and I couldn’t believe my luck upon opening it. What had I been given you ask??? Well a Polly Pocket’s Dreamworld Resort of course! This was the ultimate Christmas present, Polly can stay at the exquisite pink mansion hotel which has sunbathing area on the roof. Around the pond is a pool area, stables, gazebo with a piano, beach, camp-site, playground, tree-house and an island with buried treasure. I am getting all excited just writing about it.

It came with a small car which Polly could drive around the Resort in, I stupidly jammed it in the stable after being repeatedly told by everyone not to put it in there as it would get stuck. I was 4, I had to try and see if it would fit, I was however distraught after finding it didn’t fit.


Nevertheless I continued to play with this for so many years and it brought a little girl eternal happiness and memories that are unforgettable.

I just want to thank Emily for featuring me on her blog and hope you enjoyed my post!

Merry Christmas … Happy Holidays

Georgie xx

Thanks Georgie. I loved Polly Pocket too! You can also follow Georgie on twitter.

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