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Christmas Presents From The Past: Dad’s Diary Guest Post

Welcome to another instalment of Christmas Presents a From The Past. This week, I have a guest post by Harry from Dad’s Diary about his childhood Christmas Lists. So what was on his Christmas list?

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I do love childrens’ Christmas lists, and mine was no different.

I would feverishly go through the Argos catalogue, pen in hand, and very carefully write down the product numbers of the things I wanted. I would make the list as big as possible, hoping that I would get spoiled rotten but deep down knowing that the budget was £50.

I think this list was from when I was about 11 years old, so it was made in 1993. I was really happy and surprised when my mum gave it to me recently, as I didn’t know she had kept it. It was typed up on an old Brother word processor, I remember it well.

That year, I got the juggling diablo, the Redwall books and the Discman. I’m sure I got clothes too, so I don’t think my death threat carried much weight.

The present I really wanted was the air rifle. It would go on the list every year but I never got one. It was probably for the best!

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