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Children’s TV Mastermind

It occured to me the other day, that over the last 16 months I have gathered an unhealthy number of facts in my brain about Children’s TV. My brain can not remember my work phone number, and forgets that I have dinner in the oven, but I could tell you all the Cloud Babies names, and what colour is Mr Tumbles’ tie.

I spend so much time watching these shows, I feel like I know them. I ponder their storylines and I question them. I try and understand these programs, like they were real life. Me and my partner have had heated discussions before about Postman Pat and whether or not he took shares in Royal Mail.

I think I’d be pretty good at a new TV Show: Children’s TV Mastermind. Parents all over the country could fight it out with their specialist subjects of Children’s TV Shows. The winner could win a night with the TV remote or perhaps a stay in a hotel to stay in all evening and watch Orange is the New Black all in one go. Or maybe some therapy.

I thought I would test you all out and see what you know. You may be surprised. I may be using this as a way of asking you all some really important philisophical questions about these programs.

1. What’s the name of the place that Tree Foo Tom visits?

2.  How did Tom discover he could become a teeny tiny cartoon character?

3. What does Scarf Lady do in Sarah and Duck?

4. Who pays the mortgage for Sarah and Duck?

5. What do Abney and Teal eat?

6. How long have Abney and Teal been living on an island in the middle of a park, and where are their parents, and is Teal a cat or what?

7. Name 3 modes of transport that Postman Pat uses

8. Why doesn’t Pat ever deliver any letters to actual houses?

9. Finish the sentence: ‘Put your finger on your nose….”

10. Why is Justin all over cbeebies?

11.  Everything’s Rosie. True/False

12. I can cook. Can you?

13. Mr Bloom and his veggies – have the veggies ever been eaten by badgers or greenfly or gone bad? How long can they keep growing?

14. Where Does Iggle Piggle go in his boat?

Answers on a postcard….I need some wine now, my mind is frazzled.


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