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Buggy Thang

When I first had the buggy, it looked like a monstrosity. It was a three wheeled tank. I was actually a bit embarrassed about it.

Taking Bubs out in it to start with, was quite nerve wracking. We got a forward facing one, mainly because it was cheaper and as the baby grew up, she’d grow into it. Getting the car seat adapters was a great idea and meant that when she was tiny, we could still face each other and she was quite comfy in there for short walks.

Just pushing the thing around, initially was a challenge. I could barely steer and kept banging into door frames. I’d even trip over the damn thing myself. Finding the brake, trying to wedge my shopping under the seat whilst people walked/stamped over me, trying to get the foot muff on and wrestling with the straps – it was very stressful.

I hated taking it out. I hated busy places, where I was inevitably going to get stuck. No one seems to get out of the way for a buggy. Or, they try their best to pretend you’re not there until you’re practically hitting them in the heel.
Dodging small children was also a stress. They seem content on getting run over. Old people, too – either in cars trying to run me and the buggy over or walking straight in front of the buggy.

On that point- What is it about people walking straight in front of you when you have a buggy or worse still STOPPING DEAD IN FRONT OF YOU whilst you are walking along. Do they have a death wish? Do they want tyre marks on their calves?

Anyway, 15 months later, and I am not so anxious about going out with the buggy. The buggy feels a part of me, and I can control it one handed at times. It doesn’t seem so big or tank like. And most of all, I don’t give a crap about the general public anymore. I will plough through a crowd carefree (I’ve found walking fast and looking straight ahead helps). I see people leap out of my way, as I breeze past. On the bus, I will fit us in like a piece of a jigsaw and I’m not afraid to shout “excuse me!” To get the shopping bags out of my way to make my swift exit. Using the buggy is like driving the car – I know where the brake is, how to adjust the seat with one hand, how many shopping bags I can get in the basket (three, if you need to know). I am not afraid to dangle the nappy bag from the *gasp* rails.

I got this buggy thang down.

Just get out of my way, I’m coming through!

5 thoughts on “Buggy Thang”

  • I absolutely loved using the buggy with all of mine, I still have one in the boot but she hasn’t used it since she was about 2 1/2, over a year ago! My favourite times were when they were babies and falling asleep whilst having a stroll, lovely times….

  • I remember my first forays with my pushchair, and I distinctly remember stressing out struggling to collapse it in a car park! Boo moved out of it as Little Man arrived, so I’ve been pushing this thing around for coming up to 5 years now. It’ll feel so odd when Little Man no longer needs it! What will I hold onto when I’m out and about? Where will I put my shopping?!

  • Haha, oh I remember those days! I obviously had a double buggy for my twins so it really was a tank and people still used to pretend I wasn’t there. Like you I soon learned to stare straight ahead and keep walking! I miss it now all mine have grown too big though, and I have to admit to holding on to it longer than necessary so I had somewhere to put my shopping!

  • Hehe! The worst thing is eventually you have to give it up again and have nothing to ram into that annoying person’s heels (oops – sooo sorry (not)!) or worse still nowhere to put those shopping bags/picnics and you have to carry it all again – twas the main reason we still had a buggy when Little Miss was about 4 1/2 – she rarely went in it but it was so useful. No excuse for one now though!

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