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Britmums Live! Goodies: Speck Phone Case Review

Well in our goody bags from Britmums Live! We got a lot of lovely freebies. One of these was a phone case by Speck Products. The case though was for an iphone 5, but all I had to do was email the lovely Lindsay from Speck and I was able to choose the case I wanted for my Samsung Galaxy S III.

The case is lovely, it is a great style, and I love the colours and the design on the back. In fact all the styles of the phone cases were great colours and styles. It was really simple to put on my phone. Taking off the case can appear to be a little tricky but if you go to Speck’s website they have a great guide to help – and once I read the guide, it came off really easily!

Back of Speck Case
Inside of Speck Case

It makes the phone easy to hold, and this makes texting easy too. The case is tough, and although I have only had it a couple of week, I have already dropped it a few times (once from quite a height!) and it’s doing it’s job! It doesn’t bulk up the phone too much, and I have gotten used to having the case on the phone really quickly.

It also appears to be baby-proof as Bubs just loves my phone and it has a few times ended up being chewed a bit.

The buttons on the side of the phone are easy to use and work, and the cover doesn’t block the camera or affect taking photos in anyway. It is also just as easy to plug it in to charge or into the computer.

Overall I am pretty chuffed with this phone case! Thank you Britmums for popping them into our goody bags, and thank you Speck for sending me a case that fitted my phone!

I was sent a phone case after the phone case in the britmums goody bag did not fit my phone. All opinions and thoughts in this review are my own.

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