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Britmums Live 2014

Do you know what I like most about Christmas?

I like the build up, the excitement beforehand. I like the christmas parties and the good feeling and happy atmosphere that is generally around the place. But when Christmas Day arrives, it’s fun, it’s lovely of course, but it’s never as special or as exciting as the build up has been, for me. It always goes too fast and you never get to do what you want.

I guess you can say I felt like this about Britmums.

I loved Britmums last year. It made me feel a part of something. It made me meet people, have a break from the stresses of being a new Mum, it inspired me and gave me food for thought. I had high expectations, and I don’t know whether this year really met them.

The start for me, was rather disappointing. I must admit, I didn’t like Emma Freud’s keynote speech. It didn’t engage me, interest me or give me any food for thought. I didn’t really ‘get’ what it was about. I saw others laughing, and nodding and were clearly interested in what Emma had to say, so she must have spoken to many who were in the room. I just didn’t really take anything from this talk that could enrich my life, or my blog, in anyway.

The saturday keynote, by Benjamin Brooks-Dutton, was completely different. It really hit me, and I had tears almost straight away. No-one wants to comtemplate what would happen if you lost a partner, but what Benjamin said to us, really hit home. It was surprisingly positive and it made me think we need to make the most of each and every day, and plan for those worst case scenarios.

I was inspired in a few sessions. The session about Writer’s Block was extremely interesting and inspiring; I could have heard the speakers talk about writing for longer. I also attended sessions on podcasting, managed to crane my neck into the super packed G+ session and refreshed my tech knowledge with Ruth – I have read a few other blogs who also felt we could’ve done with a bit more of an intermediate tech session, which I agree.

It made me realise where I want to go with my blog and gave me some ideas .

I loved meeting everyone, and Tried to see as many people as I could. Sometimes it was just a quick hello, and I wish I talked to longer. I missed so many people. I felt really shy and found it hard to approach others. It was lovely to talk to people similar to myself, and to feel a part of something. However this year, there was an undercurrent which I was oblivious to at the time, of people I was with, not really getting on. I know not everyone can get on, that’s life, but when you’re stuck in the middle somewhat, it can take the shine off everything.

I am a solitary person; I always have been. I don’t have many friends. I found it hard to always be around people and not have time to myself, and getting caught up in others issues. But that’s just me. I do tend to walk around in a daydream, to myself, so if I ignored you in anyway, it wasn’t intentional.

My experience of Britmums this year is mixed, both like and dislike. There were some fab moments, moments that made me really laugh. Tims I learnt and soaked up the knowledge. But there were also other times when I felt really quite crappy and despondent. It wasn’t how it was last year.

One observation: and I said this last year: make more time for people be to social! It’s so hard to fit in meeting people and getting to sessions. Friday I feel would be better spent as a networking/ awards side and the serious sessions be on the Saturday.

I have taken a lot away with me, and despite what I’ve said, I do have a lot of ideas and motivation for my blog that has been kicked off by attending. I am feeling more confident in my ability as a writer and I am proud of where I have got to.

I don’t think I’ll be going again. This is purely a personal decision. The sessions and the days are good and worth going to. The social side is fun, but it’s a lot of money to go somewhere to meet with friends. I’d rather meet up separately with my bloggy friends for some fun socials. I’ve got what I can out of 2 years of Britmums, and now I think that’s enough.

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  • Sorry to hear you felt that way. I wish I had been able to talk to you for longer. I felt really out of it this year with Chloe and almost like I was getting in the way. I still enjoyed it and was lovely to see old and new faces but I didn’t get as much from it as I had hoped. I think I will try and go next year purely to try the social side 🙂 last year I was pregnant and this year with baby so next year party on. I’m sure I will see you soon at some more local events Xx

  • I wish I had seen more of you Emily! I agree there definitely needs to be more time to be social, to catch up with friends, drink tea and eat cake together.. We must meet up soon xxx

  • Do you know what? I have seen (read) so many people say the same thing and actually, I think I got more out of Blognix than I would have from Britmums. It is a LOT of money for what essentially ends up being a social event for so many people. x

  • We pretty much came away with the same thoughts and feelings. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet you. I wish that I’d have tweeted you to see where you were. It’s quite intense, isn’t it? There were a few people that I wanted to talk to but didn’t get round to. This might make me sound whimsical but I would’ve have liked more sessions on pretty things or design or current trends – I think I may have been at the wrong conference, to be honest. I maybe need to go to one that’s not blog-focused but more like Design Week, or something.

  • The social side of it was the hardest for me – I found it so intimidating as everyone seemed to know each other. I’m very much an introvert and don’t ‘do’ approaching people. I did end up meeting a few top women, but I was too overwhelmed and bothered by the noise and the crowds to properly enjoy it.

    Mixed feelings about the sessions too – some very good, others not so good. I came away reminded why I’m happy just doing my own thing.

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