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Birth – Prose for Thought


the need for artifical help

the need to get things started

the lack of any feeling

the dreams they had departed

monitor booming heart beat bass

the heat, the smell

I couldn’t picture your face

I felt as if you’d never come

a mirage, a lie

I had fooled everyone

hot gush of liquid

forced from you inside

you really did not want to meet me

you wanted to hide

sting and cold metal needle

into my hand

we would meet very soon

yet I still could not understand

the aching started slowly

but then hit me like a bat

crank it up crank it up crank it up

every hour, high intensity

no end, beginning, no going back

an injection pierced to ease

and a loss of hours

I can not remember or see

a blur, a dream, I’m saying things

and wondering off into little tangents

almost forgetting the reason I am here

I’m pushing

down down down down down

never ending, I want it finished

I can’t think of you or me just down

then purple, blue you emerge

into the light out from the dark

the work the pain is done

and now I need to face the truth

you are here, now I am a Mum

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