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A being. An entity.

Something whole and separate.

That’s what you are.

You are your own person now. 16 months later, and you have a voice, and have a body you can move, and you have thoughts that no-one else will ever know. Not even me.

You have your own ideas about what you want to do.
You can be happy, angry, sad, funny, silly.

You like things that I do not. You dislike things I thought you’d love.
You hold my hand and take me to where you want me to be.

You hand me things that you want me to hold.
If I don’t do it right, then you let me know.

Seeing you play with your toys, secretly giving them your milk in the morning, and chatting to them. Toys and play coming to life.

You hand out kisses and cuddles selectively. Yet you wave at everyone we meet when we go out. And you blow them kisses – this is something you have seemed to do all by yourself.

How can you be this little person, this being that is independent of me in these ways? Yes I help you wash, and dress, and feed you. But you are on your own path and I can see you starting to walk down it even now.

What will you become?
What will you do?
What choices will you make?

I don’t know.

Your personality is being created before me eyes. Every day a new word, a new love, a new like is being carved. Your eyes lighting up, an idea in your mind, only you know what it is.

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