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Balloons and Boxes

I don’t know about you, but thinking about presents and what to buy any children you know, can be a little stressful. I am not up to date on the latest kids craze, top toy or whatever Disney film is currently out. I have few 1st birthdays coming up, and I find it hard enough to think about what to buy my own child let alone other peoples.

But what I can tell you could save you money. You may already be aware of this phenomenon. If not, I have the answer.

Just buy a box. And some balloons.

And watch the mayhem commence.


Bubs loves these balloons more than life itself. Balloons, air filled globules of rubbery love. Ideal for running, screaming, hugging, throwing and kicking. We even had one in the bath the other day. She runs around with them, all over the house. She eats with them next to her. She hugs them, kisses them. She is in love with these balloons. So much so, I have a packet of spares in the cupboard in case we have a popping incident. The first thing she does in the morning when we go downstairs is hug her balloons. I am not sure myself what the appeal is. But they keep her occupied longer than an episode of the Tweenies.


Boxes are another love. Cardboard empty vessels of dreams, boxes are for sitting in, throwing random soft toys into their abyss and eating. Or running around with them on your head. Or keeping balloons in them.


I may as well throw half of this plastic junk in the bin. Balloons are the answer to everything at the moment.

So quick, buy your balloons, before I do!

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