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Baby Says What? Baby’s first words and communication

Communication is amazing, isn’t it. Being able to express yourself, and also understand others is pretty immense.

Seeing Bubs working out language is fascinating if also a little terrifying.

One day last week, I was withering on to her whilst she had her dinner. I said something like ‘this time last year you were in mummy’s tummy’ and you know what she did?


If we talk about going out, she will find her shoes.

If I ask her where her head is, she will put her hands on it.

If I ask her what noise a dog makes, she sometimes makes a ‘woof’ sound.

It’s pretty weird. She’s growing up she becoming one of US.


The revelation is akin to Frankenstein’s monster: it’s alive!

She understands so much. Much more than we give her credit for. She can say a few words but she still can’t say Mummy yet which I find a bit disheartening. Closest I get is “yddad”which sounds like daddy backwards. It’s almost like she doesn’t need a name for me as I’m her Gofer.

She says bye, daddy, hello, doggy, yes and woof. Sometimes she points and makes an “ahhhhhh!” Sound quite loudly if she wants something, or wants you to do something. I say sometimes, it’s quite a lot actually. I frantically pick items up around the house whilst she ‘AHHHHHHS’ – hair brushes, toothpaste, a shoe, until I get a ‘ess’ and a nod and we know she wants the ballpoint pen which we then have to hide and distract her from.

One night last week, she woke up at 4am and started gesturing to me to go down the stairs. It was far too early to do that, and I was just totally bowled over by the fact she even did it. I was preparing to get into a heated debate, her wildly gesturing to her bedroom door, when I realised I had to take control here. So I told her we had to sleep and luckily she believed me.

It’s made me think about what I say around her. Unfortunately I do swear a bit so I’m trying my best not to teach her any. Although by now the damage could be done….

She is a true delight to be with now. Dare I say much more than she was when she was a baby. I am enjoying this time much more, I don’t really know what’s in store and it’s exciting.

If a little creepy and terrifying.

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