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A Summer Memory

Oops a day late for this one, but I was on holiday and only back yesterday so forgive me!

A Summer Memory


We all dressed up, and ready to go

a real treat for us all to go out

On the bus and then bobbing on the ferry

Across to Southsea.


Sunshine, the smell of sea in the air.

Playing on the shore, picking up pebbles and shells

Going to a pink restaurant

having fish and chips by the sea.


No sauce, no garlic

just fish and chips and mushy peas.

ice cream for afters

A day out indeed.


I suspect we were naughty, and played up

I suspect that we moaned

but looking back now

I wish I’d realised how precious

time was with you


I want to go back to that pink restaurant.


Emily Tealady 2013



1 thought on “A Summer Memory”

  • What a wonderful summer memory, evoking sea, sun and fish and chips! Have to say we had our own Pink Restaurant at home on Friday. A great cycle to the local park, lots of fun on the roundabout and swings, cycle back and then fish and chips at home. Summer memories home or away brilliant. Love the poem.

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