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A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke Bahlsen Book Club Review

A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke is this month’s Bahlsen Book Club Review.

Here’s the Blurb:

A Single Breath-1

The deeper the water, the darker the secrets

There were so many times I thought about telling you the truth, Eva. What stopped me was always the same thing…

When Eva’s husband Jackson tragically drowns, she longs to meet his estranged family. The journey takes her to Jackson’s brother’s doorstep on a remote Tasmanian island. As strange details about her husband’s past begin to emerge, memories of the man she married start slipping through her fingers like sand, as everything she ever knew and loved about him is thrown into question. Now she’s no longer sure whether it was Jackson she fell in love with – or someone else entirely…

The truth is, it was all a lie . . .

This book gets right into the story and from there on the twists and turns of the plot unwind. At first it appears to be a simple story of a woman grieving at the loss of her husband in tragic circumstances, but the story unravels and it becomes so much more than that. Eva, so distraught at the loss of her husband, travels to Tasmania (where he was from, but where they had never visited together) to meet the people who knew and loved Jackson. But from there she starts to learn things about Jackson she never knew before. I really enjoyed this book, and the quick pace helped to keep things interesting. I loved the fact it was set in Tasmania and I loved the descriptions of the area. Eva is a likeable character, and you soon start to empahsise with her and her situation. The main characters are well developed and you get to know them as the story unfolds. It would have been very easy for this book to have been quite predictable, but Lucy has written this in a way that the twists and turns do take you by surprise. I found the story realistic and believable, even tho some aspects of the story were out of the ordinary. It made me think how in this day and age, it is so easy to meet people and perhaps never really know their past, their life before they met you. I thought it was a great idea for a book which was really well executed.



I was sent a copy of A Single Breath as part of the Bahlsen Book Club. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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