What I’ve Read: September

I have been a bad book blogger. In that, I haven’t blogged anything booky for a really long time. I suddenly hit a reading block, and I just couldn’t budge it for a while. I didn’t read anything for a long time. Life got in the way a bit, which was a bit of a first. I also broke my kindle for a while, which really did mess up my reading schedule. I just checked and I haven’t written a review since MAY! seriously, where does the time go?! I am ready to get reading again and start reviewing books as usual. 

In 4 months I only read 3 books, which is pathetic but mostly due to the issues highlighted above, and the biggest one being my kindle broke. Anyway, here’s a super quick recap of what I have read over the Summer:

I finished reading Cesca Major’s Silent Hours, a brilliant novel based on true events set in France in World War Two. It was a great read, and has an ending which left me a little speechless. Go and read it!

The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon – I really enjoyed this book, about Bryony as a young woman about London. It was so entertaining and I laughed out loud quite a bit. Many aspects reminded me of myself as I have grown up. 

First One Missing By Tammy Cohen- This is a chilling thriller set around the deaths of 4 young girls and how their families cope as the Police continue to search for their killer. A good twist at the end.

Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon I am afraid I started to read this, but I had to give up, because it was like sticking bubblegum in my eyes….I will try and return it it though.

I am currently reading:

All the Light we Cannot See – Anthony Doer

To The Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf

So this is a little catch up post but I am going to make it my misison from now on to read more and review more. So watch this space!


6 thoughts on “What I’ve Read: September

  1. Sarah Doyle - let them be small

    I haven’t read a book for me for so so long now. Pre children I was easily reading 4/5 a week – the 20 minute train journey to/from work was perfect for reading as was my lazy evenings. Now I read hundreds of books to my children and none for me! I did however get a 50p book from a local charity shop this week so I am determined to read it before Christmas!!

  2. lpuddin

    I have been so lazy recently, there is so much going on that by the time i have the children in bed I am exhausted and have no time to read. But will make an effort to get back to reading. I like the sound of To the lIghthouse so I must give it a read. #readwithme


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