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What I’ve Read…August

This month has seemed to last forever but I have only managed 2 books! I am hoping this month I will get a few more under my belt as I have 2 weeks off work! Here is what I have read in August:

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

The blurb of this book intrigued me, I must admit I hadn’t seen much of the hype around this book, so wasn’t sure what to expect. The book is written in a different style, almost poetic and the way the sentences are structured are different. It is like seeing the thoughts inside someone’s head.

This book centres on the Sinclair Family, namely, the four older grandchildren nicknamed the ‘Liars’ by their family. The Sinclairs are an old, traditional aristocratic family who have that stiff upper lip and don’t take to outsiders. They have a family name to uphold. They spend each summer at their own family island. Each family has a house on the island, and this is where the Liars meet each year and spend their summers together. One of the Liars, is Gat, who is a friend of Johnny, the oldest grandson. He is an outsider, and there is definitely a marked difference in how he is treated by Cady’s Grandfather,the head of the family.

Cady and Gat meet, and a friendship grows and develops into a romance. This is not what Cady’s grandfather expects, and their romance seems to start the chain of events which lead to Cady’s accident, where she is found on the beach in her underwear. She can not remember the details of her accident, and suffers amnesia. Her treatment is long and she doesn’t return to the island for two summers. When she at last returns, and wants answers to her questions, she finally learns the shocking truth.

I feel like I may have missed something with this book. As soon as it ended, I had a sneaking suspicion perhaps I’d missed the point or that there was another subplot I hadn’t worked out. The plot builds tension and suspense well, and the final reveal is one which I didn’t see coming until right up until the end. I enjoyed this book, it was short, snappy and to the point, which also added to the detached and unemotional tone of the Sinclair family. I felt the book worked well, and the big reveal is quite a shock. It made me rethink what I thought of most of the characters.

I am not sure I liked the character of ‘cady’ or cadence well. She narrates the novel, and so we see things from her perspective. Things are muddled and confused, and this sense of confusion is heightened by her use of hyperbole and exaggeration in her descriptions. None of the characters are particularly likeable but I felt drawn to them in some way. I didn’t feel there was much character development of the Liars which I felt was a shame – I didn’t feel very much for these characters. But then maybe that’s the point.

This is a gripping, not to long read and I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva.

This is a great book, a really interesting plot and the tension is kept going throughout. I wanted to know what had really happened and the story is slowly revealed until the ending. I liked this book, the ending was different and I liked the way the book was concluded. It was a different approach to this kind of book which I liked.

Full review of The Stolen Girl can be found here.

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