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What I’ve Read…..April

This month has been a much better month for reading. I somehow managed to get my mojo back – probably as a way to escape the stresses of moving! So as usual I am linking with Muttering Mummy’s What I’ve Read Linky and here’s what I have read this month:


The Book Thief

This book was reviewed by Muttering Mummy is last month’s round-up. I really liked the idea of the story – the story is narrated by death and tells the story of a girl Leisel who is living in Germany in World War 2. It is written in a different style to most books – the narration flits between the present, the past and what is going to happen – and it is told in quite a conversational style. The book is interesting as it charts the time in this young girls life, growing up as well as facing the issues that living in Nazi Germany brings – and I liked the fact it was based there – not a point of view you usually get with a World War 2 based book. The book is sad, it is not exactly a happy ending and I liked the realism described within the book. I would have loved to have known more about Death and his role; I think there is scope there for another story. The message I took from the book was – why are we doing these things to each other (War, Murder, etc) – what’s the point of it? I think you could ponder the meaning of the book for quite a while but that’s what I got out of it. The book was easy to read, and I wanted to know more – it kept my attention throughout, even though you can see where it is ending, even from the beginning!

The School Gates by Nicola May

I received this book as part of the #Bahlsenbookclub and I wrote a review here. This is not my normal kind of book, it is what you would class as a ‘chick lit’ book, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and I found it funny and I wanted to read more. I read it very quickly and I think it would be an ideal holiday read. The book is about a group of mums and dads who are all linked by their children attending the same school. Each character has an issue going on behind closed doors such as domestic violence, affairs, being a single parent etc. and so there is a lot going on in the book. The ending is particularly good and a great twist.


This is a dystopian book set in a futuristic Chicago where people at 16 decide what ‘faction’ they want to live in. Each faction has different skills and roles in society in a bid to prevent further wars and unrest as what happened many years ago. Before they choose, every child has an aptitude test which reveals which faction they would be best suited to. Beatrice’s results are abnormal and she is classed as Divergent – but must keep this a secret. Beatrice has been brought up within the Abnegation faction, but what faction will she choose at the Choosing Ceremony? Her decision leads her to find out more about herself and who she really is. I found this book really interesting, it is similar to The Hunger Games but I felt I was drawn into this story more and I wanted to read more. Yes there are a few cheesy bits as it is classed as Young Adult and they always seem to need to add a romantic angle, but it wasn’t too bad! As with all these books, I am more interested in the wider world and what is happening there as well as the central story – I am keen to find out what lies outside the perimeter fence! This is the first book in a trilogy so I wonder if I will find out!

Above All Things

This book is a fictional novel about the relationship between George Mallory, the Mountaineer and his wife, Ruth. It is based on the events of the 1924 Everest Climb when George tried to get to the summit – something that had not been achieved before. I didn’t actually know the outcome of this book, although many people seemingly do. The book was filled with apprehension throughout; the book depicts this Everest climb as well as a day in the life of George’s wife Ruth – waiting for news of her husband. The waiting, the wondering is really well written and you are literally turning the page in anticipation. It’s easy to forget in those days that news took weeks or months to get back home. I found the chapters about Ruth’s day a bit boring but I guess that’s the point! I found the ending rather emotional. A good read.

This month, I would recommend Above All Things – let me know what you think!

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