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Weaning Update

Weaning is going very well here in the month or so we have been doing it.

Bubs will try everything I give her, and so far only a few things haven’t floated her boat. She wasn’t keen on muesli and she really didn’t like the quorn ham. However they say babies need to try foods several times so I will still try her with them but her reaction to these foods were so obviously different to everything else!

She definitely likes strong flavours and doesn’t like things with mild or faint flavours.

At first I was a bit stressed about feeding her and it was difficult at first to fit in the feeding with daily life, however now I have a bit of a routine and if we go out I now have a trusty lunchbox to out a few snacks in. I found it really helps to take things with you when you go out, even though she can eat things at restaurants it’s good to have a few trusty snacks especially when travelling.

Trying New Foods

In the last few weeks as well as the usual foods we have tried:

Quorn Chilli in tortillaweaningupdate

Noodles and quorn ham

Stirfry veg and noodles

Baked beans on toast

Egg sarnies

pizza style cheese and tomato bread

Strawberry pancakes

Quorn ham sarnies

I have been trying different breakfasts such as the pancakes (Jamie Oliver one cup recipe if you wanted to know – so easy!) and trying different cereals, and different toppings on toast.

Every meal I am trying to include at least one of every food group. I got a bit worried that she wasn’t eating enough but I am reassured that her bottles are giving her what she needs and food is ‘fun before one’. I like to make sure she tries all food groups though as its healthy and also as currently she is being brought up semi-veggie (she’s eating fish but not tried meat yet – still under discussion) I am conscious of making sure she has enough protein and iron-rich foods, which the health visitor was pressing upon us.

Eating more

I find it fascinating how Bubs explores food – she will pick apart, rub all over the high hair, smell, lick, pick up, throw food and after a while will start to eat it. Her face has so many emotions on it, she will shout and babble and laugh. She is so excited when I put her dinner down, and she does really seem to enjoy dinner times.

I am noticing she is eating more, and biting and chewing food more. She will put food in her mouth, and spit out what she doesn’t need or if her mouth is too full – it’s easy to think she doesn’t like the food but its not that at all.Nandosweaning

Going Out

We have been out for dinner several times. It is so easy with blw as I know there will be something that she can eat or try. If not, I have my trusty lunch box for her to snack on.

We have been to Nandos where she tried pitta and houmous, veggie burger and tomatoey veg – great food choice

With runnier foods Bubs is still wanting me to spoon feed her, although I encourage her to use her hands or to take the spoon. She loves yoghurt and weetabix and will happily lean forward and eat off the spoon as long as I am holding it! She won’t hold her bottle either and I see that some babies her age will do this. I think she just likes me to do it!

Exploring Textures


We have been exploring textures thanks to Organix who sent us a weaning pack with some different textured foods, and some ideas for ways of exploring textures. They have developed a range of textured foods to help babies explore textures. So far bubs has tried the Banana, Peach and Apple museli, and she did not seem as keen on this texture as others, but she did enjoy touching it and feeling it. She loved the Mashed Apple and Mango Fruit though, and seemed to enjoy this mashed texture more. I will try her again with the museli as I think as it is such a different texure to what she has tried before, it may take her time to get used to it. There was some great information in the pack, and it reminded me that I need to include a range of textures at every meal for Bubs to explore as from 6-12 months there is a ‘window of weaning’ to try new foods. Look out for my post about an experiment we tried from the weaning pack, involving being blindfolded!

With drinks Bubs is really getting on with the babycup, she doesn’t drink a lot but she will take a few sips and seems very pleased with herself.

So we are really getting on now and everything appears to be slotting into place. I need more dinner ideas as that’s something we’re struggling with.

If you are weaning, or doing baby led weaning, let me know! If you have meal ideas I’d love to hear them too – write in the comments below.

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  • Sounds like she is doing so well and trying loads! My youngest is nearly 7 months and after a bit of a rocky start he is now eating alot too.

    I am doing fingers foods and a bit of mush too – i have been quite keen to get my two eating the same as soon as possible to cut down on work, fish pie is a hit with both and i have a recipe on my blog ­čÖé as it’s made up of mash i don’t bother pureeing it for the little one, he is quite happy having small lumps!

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