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What is this new word being bandied about?


I don’t know what to make of it really.

There has been a lot of publicity about this word recently. People are questioning the use of this word. People are questioning whether magazines are using this word, and whether their intention or not, they are encouraging young women to lose weight. This word is used within pro anorexia sites as some sort of mantra, some sort of way of encouraging each other to get thinner. I understand why there is such a backlash. People want others to not use this word. Anything that can glorify such awful conditions such as anorexia or bulimia should not be splashed about the pages of a magazine.

But how do I feel as someone clearly obese and clearly not very thin when I see words like thinspiration?

Are these words, these articles, aimed at me?

I wonder why anyone would get ‘inspiration’ from being thin?

What does thin mean anyway?

Can someone get ‘fatspiration’? (To be honest this just reminds me of being fat in the summer and sweating).

I have never liked magazines or newspapers that glorify weight as if it is the holy grail of life. The be all and end all for a woman is to be really thin. Really? I don’t actually feel anything when I see these words. They don’t hit me in the eyes, they don’t insult me, in a way I mentally roll my eyes and walk on by.

I guess it’s because those women, they have never been my idols. I have never tried to be as thin as them, as I have never in my life been as thin as them. I have never had a stomach so flat that it disappears when you stand up. I’ve never had a thigh gap. I’ve never been able to fit into their clothes. Nothing about them makes me want to buy things they wear, or to be them. It’s just too unattainable for me.

But I know, for some people out there, they are the sort of people they want to be. And that’s where people are coming from.

I may have never idolised these celebs, but I know how your weight can make you feel anxious, stressed and pretty shit. Trying clothes on used to cause me a lot of sadness. I can see how these images and words can upset people, or push them over the edge.

Why can’t we be celebrating people’s talents on these front covers? Photographers, artists, writers, people who have achieved things other than getting into a size 6. Why is it always about diet, weight, celebrity-ness?

I know it’s not always the slimmer celebs that get the column inches. Magazines seem to either highlight how much weight a celebrity has supposedly lost, or highlight how much they’ve supposedly put on. Fat or thin they just love to tell us all about it. They even have their own diets and success stories from readers.

I know. They wouldn’t write these magazines if people didn’t buy them. (Ps. I don’t buy these magazines). I can’t help feeling though that these magazines have a responsibility, they can set the agendas, if they took initiative and started to do things differently, slowly but surely things could change.

Why can’t we just be inspired by other women, and what they have achieved, rather than what the numbers on the scales say.

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  • Amen to that, sister! It does worry me that this is a thing rather than concentrating on doing well at school, or running a marathon…both better goals than trying to be thin in my opinion. As long as you are happy and healthy, that should be fine. If you’re not, then do something about it. It’s a totally personal choice.

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