Things I wish I’d never bought

A rocking chair

A baby bath
A ball with an annoying laugh

A baby bouncer

Long sleeved vests
Velcro bibs don’t stand the test

A bouncy chair you didn’t like
That ceiling projector went off in the night

You didn’t sit in the bumbo for long
The sleeping bags we bought were wrong

A Room thermometer that lied it was hot
Activity ball that would not stop

A travel dummy sanitiser
Water was a quicker answer

A changing bag with too many zips
A straw cup which won’t take any sips

A baby walker

A changing table-

trying to roll off as soon as were able

Heed my words this is my tale
Think before you make the sale

These are the things I didn’t use
What’s right for me may not be for you

Before you buy think what you choose…

19 thoughts on “Things I wish I’d never bought

  1. jenny

    Fantastic poem and so true on so many different levels. I bought so much CRAP for my first that I never used and thank goodness I learn my lessons and saved hundreds for my second as it’s all unnecessary isn’t it? Great poem! #prose4t

  2. Kat

    The steamer blender that I used for 3 days before realising it was quicker to do it on the stove and with the more efficient and bigger adult blender… The silly door bouncer that we used twice, the endless bottles of baby lotion and talcum powder and the nappy bags that we “definitely would need 300 of”! Nice list!

  3. Morgan Prince

    Absolutely brilliant! I can’t believe the money I spent on stuff that I never, or almost never, used. Both my boys are older now, 9 and 5, and the amount of things I’ve had to get rid of is unbelievable. Really great poem. #Prose4T

  4. Jess Paterson

    Absolutely brilliant, Emily, love it! So simple yet so perfect. All the ridiculous things we buy that last five minutes or are not even used, but feel we need for our baaaaaby! Can’t wait to meet you at BritMums x

  5. Mummy Tries

    Love this! It’s so true, we usually only need about a tenth of the stuff that we but first time round. I’d add too many clothes to this list, my third has lived in sleepsuits since he was born three months ago, and most of his presents have gone unworn. Such a shame really, but finding the time to put an actual outfit on the boy is an extra job too many…

  6. Jude

    I love this and share your wish that I never bothered with a travel dummy sterilzer. As if?! What were we thinking? #proseforthought x

  7. Katie

    What a fantastic poem! A travel dummy sanitiser, is that a real thing?! We seriously brought 101 sippy cups till we found one Erin actually liked/ would use =D xx


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