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Things I like to do now that I didn’t like to do before I had a baby (and turned 30)

I’m not saying they’re connected but I’ve noticed recently there are a number of things that I like to do now that I’d never have considered before. Now it’s either because a) I’m now 31 and starting to become an old fart b) this has all happened since I had a baby  or c) a combination of the both. 

I now like……


Eating mushrooms 

Having a bath (I do wash but I was always a shower girl you know until I realised I could be getting clean, lying down and almost sleeping at the same time – win)

Reading a book in the bath

Putting on make-up (well it’s pretty much a necessity if I don’t want to scare the general public)

Painting my nails 

Drinking red wine (well anything remotely alcoholic really)

Eating peas 

Hanging washing out on the line (if it’s sunny, ima gonna get that wash on) 

Going anywhere alone (rarely happens but still)

Getting up early (well really I’ve just got used to this)


Radio 4 (I need all the news now)

Moaning about the new music on Radio one

Eating percy pigs 

Original versions of songs not awful cover versions

Question Time (I like a good debate)

Coffee (never touched it before. I guess it’s mildly better than smoking)

Lie-ins (I used to think a lie in was wasting the day! Whatevs!)

Working out how much younger people are than me 

Bars that don’t have music so loud you can’t hear a word anyone says

Getting the train. And the quiet coach. 

Eating Nancy’s leftovers (they always taste the best, don’t they?)

Julia Donaldson books (I will ever tire of reading jack and the flum flum tree)


Ironed clothes

Wholewheat pasta 
Have you noticed any differences in yourself? What do you now like that you used to not like? Am I just a mad thing? Let me know in the comments below! 

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