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My Week on Wednesday

I have decided that I am going to write a weekly blog post, on a Wednesday, to sort of summarize my week and what I have been doing. I hope you find this insight interesting, and well, here we go!

My we


I have taken a bit of a break recently from Tealady Mumbles, and it seems at the moment a lot of people are either on a blog break or changing their blog altogether. Me, well I am keeping my Tealady Mumbles hat, as I love it too much, but I have also expanded into another blog, Poetry Pickle, which is where you will find all my poetry and creative writing. I wanted to separate it out, as I felt that the poetry was getting in the way of the other things i was blogging about, and I quite like having the two to bounce from.

This means that whilst I have been quiet, I have been thinking about what and why I blog, and what matters to me, really. I am really not into the numbers game; I will admit I have been caught up a few times over the last 18 months but once and for all I am done with all of that. I am blogging what I like, when ~I like. If people read it, then great, and I know people do, so thanks. It matters more to me to have genuine comments and interaction about what I write, rather than blogging or tweeting to death, instagramming everything in sight just to get a few notches up a chart.

So, anyway, how has this week been? This week has been an odd one really, as my partner has just started night shifts, so having the TV, computer and the bed all to myself every evening has been something of a novelty. It’s meant that I have been able to sort out my blog, write a few poems, read a few books and catch up with Holby at last. I decided last week to give twitter a bit of a break, I felt a bit out of it to be honest, and i was getting sick of what I was seeing, and reading. I feel so much better for having concentrated on other things, and as you can see, I have been quite productive! I have submitted a few poems to a few websites and anthologies, so cross your fingers and watch this space! (or this space, more like!)

My weight loss has been continuing and I have felt really good about it. However, am having a bit of a wobbly week, which seeing as this is my 5th week, isn’t so bad, but I am not sure how well I can do this week. But I am still determined to get this weight off. I know a bad day doesn’t make a bad week, and 5 losses in a row is fabulous. I just need to remind myself of what I am doing and why.

In other twitter related news, I have given up my slot on a Monday night for #bepbb (be positive before bedtime). I’d been doing it a year, and I felt it was time to give someone else a go at hosting. It is such a lovely thing to do, and very enjoyable, and I will still take part, just not host.

We have booked a holiday to Menorca and I am so excited! It will be our first holiday abroad by ourselves and a little family of three. Lots of people have told me how great Menorca is, especially for families, so I am hoping we have a great time. This will only be the second time my partner and I have been abroad together alone, after a rather dodgy holiday to Turkey in 2007 where we almost broke up! I am sure Menorca will be much better, and that we have lots of fun together. I am really looking forward to using the pool and soaking up some sunshine.

I had a lovely time yesterday at my littlest sister’s 18th Birthday yesterday. I can not believe she is 18. We had a lovely meal, and it was lovely to see my family. She has had a few issues over her childhood, having been diagnosed with mild learning difficulties and possible Autism, but she has come out stronger, and better than ever, and she is doing ever so well at College. I really hope that adulthood will give her lots of opportunities and she gets to fulfill her dreams, any way she can. I am very proud of her, and of my Mum and Dad for supporting her as they have.


Reading wise, I have just finished my Bahlsen Book Club read, A Mother Dimension by Mink Elliott, which was really good fun to read. In the book, a Mother is transported back to the ’90s, which I loved as I am a big 80s fan, but more recently I have found myself getting nostalgic for the 90s. Can you believe it was almost 20 years ago, that the Spice Girls were shouting Girl Power? I have also loved watching Dawn O’Porters Vintage clothing TV programme, and I loved seeing all the vintage clothes. As I am losing weight, perhaps soon I can fit into a few vintage numbers like Dawns, she really has a great style. Back to books, the next book I’m reading is one I am reviewing, Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva, which will be published on 12th September. It’s a gripping read so far, and I will be blogging my review as soon as I’ve finished it.



Bubs is being just lovely at the moment. Her speech is coming on so well, and it is really funny when we have a little conversation. We had a Health Visitor check today as we moved into a new area. She is doing well in every way, and the health visitor even said she was quite advanced – more like a 2 year old! I am obviously very pleased she’s doing well, but I want her to be able to enjoy her age and the stages she is going through, I don’t want people to assume she is older than she is. She will be starting Nursery in a few weeks for a couple of sessions a week. I think she will do really well there, and I can’t wait for her to make lots of friends and to learn and develop more. I am really enjoying this time with her, it is a lovely age, and being able to have little chats, and have her call me ‘Mumma’ is just so lovely. She is a very happy little girl, and we have so much fun. Her obsession with Peppa Pig is still strong, in fact she more or less chose a pair of Peppa Pig pyjamas when I was out the other day! I am having to buy DVDs in bulk as I can’t bear to watch the one DVD over and over again!


Not much tea to talk of this week, lots of my usual PG Tips and I do love a Moroccan Mint tea when I am at work. I want to drink much more fruit teas as at work, I hate buying milk and it just helps me to drink more water! Any tea suggestions appreciated!

Emily x

Britmums Live 2014

Do you know what I like most about Christmas?

I like the build up, the excitement beforehand. I like the christmas parties and the good feeling and happy atmosphere that is generally around the place. But when Christmas Day arrives, it’s fun, it’s lovely of course, but it’s never as special or as exciting as the build up has been, for me. It always goes too fast and you never get to do what you want.

I guess you can say I felt like this about Britmums.

I loved Britmums last year. It made me feel a part of something. It made me meet people, have a break from the stresses of being a new Mum, it inspired me and gave me food for thought. I had high expectations, and I don’t know whether this year really met them.

The start for me, was rather disappointing. I must admit, I didn’t like Emma Freud’s keynote speech. It didn’t engage me, interest me or give me any food for thought. I didn’t really ‘get’ what it was about. I saw others laughing, and nodding and were clearly interested in what Emma had to say, so she must have spoken to many who were in the room. I just didn’t really take anything from this talk that could enrich my life, or my blog, in anyway.

The saturday keynote, by Benjamin Brooks-Dutton, was completely different. It really hit me, and I had tears almost straight away. No-one wants to comtemplate what would happen if you lost a partner, but what Benjamin said to us, really hit home. It was surprisingly positive and it made me think we need to make the most of each and every day, and plan for those worst case scenarios.

I was inspired in a few sessions. The session about Writer’s Block was extremely interesting and inspiring; I could have heard the speakers talk about writing for longer. I also attended sessions on podcasting, managed to crane my neck into the super packed G+ session and refreshed my tech knowledge with Ruth – I have read a few other blogs who also felt we could’ve done with a bit more of an intermediate tech session, which I agree.

It made me realise where I want to go with my blog and gave me some ideas .

I loved meeting everyone, and Tried to see as many people as I could. Sometimes it was just a quick hello, and I wish I talked to longer. I missed so many people. I felt really shy and found it hard to approach others. It was lovely to talk to people similar to myself, and to feel a part of something. However this year, there was an undercurrent which I was oblivious to at the time, of people I was with, not really getting on. I know not everyone can get on, that’s life, but when you’re stuck in the middle somewhat, it can take the shine off everything.

I am a solitary person; I always have been. I don’t have many friends. I found it hard to always be around people and not have time to myself, and getting caught up in others issues. But that’s just me. I do tend to walk around in a daydream, to myself, so if I ignored you in anyway, it wasn’t intentional.

My experience of Britmums this year is mixed, both like and dislike. There were some fab moments, moments that made me really laugh. Tims I learnt and soaked up the knowledge. But there were also other times when I felt really quite crappy and despondent. It wasn’t how it was last year.

One observation: and I said this last year: make more time for people be to social! It’s so hard to fit in meeting people and getting to sessions. Friday I feel would be better spent as a networking/ awards side and the serious sessions be on the Saturday.

I have taken a lot away with me, and despite what I’ve said, I do have a lot of ideas and motivation for my blog that has been kicked off by attending. I am feeling more confident in my ability as a writer and I am proud of where I have got to.

I don’t think I’ll be going again. This is purely a personal decision. The sessions and the days are good and worth going to. The social side is fun, but it’s a lot of money to go somewhere to meet with friends. I’d rather meet up separately with my bloggy friends for some fun socials. I’ve got what I can out of 2 years of Britmums, and now I think that’s enough.