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My Life with a Threenager

This is my life now…..


Lying in the dark, listening to the Frozen Soundtrack.

Making a hot chocolate without cream that should have been with cream but they weren’t going to drink it anyway but still they wanted, didn’t want the cream.

You’re Elsa when Anna sings but you’re Anna when Elsa sings, OK? Basically you don’t sing. At all.

Watching Ben and Holly until you believe you are actually an elf *blows trumpet*

Eating tomatoes at nursery, but not at home.

Playing matching card games with a complete cheat. And making sure they win or else there’s big trouble.

Pushing the trike around whilst she peddles madly screaming “we need more speed!” in an attempt to accost other children in the park.

Everyone’s her best friend. Or they’re not. But they are.

Laughing manically whilst she smears expensive hand cream into the sofa.

Watching an evolving sense of style which includes using a coat for trousers.

Figuring out answers to questions such as “Who made the steering wheel?” And “Why do we have tables?”

Not touching anything without first being told to. But when I’m told to touch something check it’s in the right way.

Clearly not understanding very simple instructions.

Finding things which have been taken from various places such as nursery or my dressing table hidden in pockets.

Making up bedtime stories but being told exactly what needs to happen in the story and it then taking a very long time to complete the story which is nothing like how it started.

Furniture being used as balance beams and trampolines and wishing she didn’t like gymnastics so much

Wanting the new baby to be called Cupcake

Experimenting with make up such as nail polish for lipstick

Feeling so very tired and wondering why you have such a spirited child

Mealtime Fun

When you don’t eat
And throw your food
Some people think
It’s rather rude

You point demand the biscuit tin
-But hold on we’re yet to start
Eat a few veggies, potatoes or peas
Don’t just sit there, and rip it apart

I wrack my brains
I huff and puff
Over the stove
To make you stuff

That glint in your eye
As you pick up your spoon
And aim it towards me
My heart fills with gloom

I’ve just got ready for work
And you’re eating toast
you rub your hands all over me
Peanut butter you boast

You’ll squish and pinch
You’ll sniff and lick
But actually eat it?
You won’t miss a trick

You’ll take a bite
And then I cheer
Only for you to go crazy
Spaghetti thrown at my ear

You say you want that banana
I am not so sure
When you ram it into your mouth
Then spit it onto the floor

Mealtimes are messy
They are supposed to be fun
You certainly like mealtimes
But the reason is wrong