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Museum Selection – Tea Caddy and Tea Cup Review

When Museum selection asked me if I’d like to review their tea caddy and tea cup, I thought it sounded a great idea! Museum Selection is a website that works with many museums and galleries providing gifts for their gift shops. Their items therefore are […]

My Week

Well, I know what you’re thinking. I missed last week! Doh! I was all a bit caught up in my birthday, work, and also a poorly girl, so apologies if anyone out there actually missed my little post. Anyway, back on form today. And yes, […]

Little Miracles Organic Soft Drinks Review

When I was contacted about Little Miracles, I was intrigued. A soft drink, with tea? As a self confessed tea addict I thought it would be a great idea to review these drinks on the blog.

Little Miracles are organic soft drinks, made using organic teas and ingredients. Penax Gingseng is used in its purest form, which the company say is its secret ingredient. They are free from articfical flavours, colours and sweeteners. The drinks are being advertised as having all natural ingredients that can give you a natural boost to your day.

There are four flavours of Little Miracles:


Green Tea, Gingseng and Pomegranate

White Tea, Gingseng and Cherry

Black Tea, Gingseng and Peach

Lemongrass Tea, Orange ansd Ginger (New Flavour)

The packaging of the drinks is bright and colourful, and the bottles are a screw cap which is easy to open.

The drinks are a still soft drink, and overall I have really enjoyed the drinks and their flavours. My least favourite flavour is the Lemongrass, Orange and Ginger – I wasn’t too keen on the ginger aftertaste. My favourite flavour is Black Tea, Gingseng and Peach, a lovely smooth flavour which I felt was refreshing. The addition of tea makes these comparable to iced tea drinks, and I do feel the different teas do add a flavour element. These drinks work best ice cold I feel, and would really be refreshing on a sunny day – luckily we have had a few of these lately and these drinks have quenched my thirst.

Did  I feel more energised after the drinks? I am not sure, but I tended to have the drinks with me at work, usually either mid morning or mid afternoon, so they may have helped to give me a boost. By drinking the drinks, I didn’t actually snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon, so maybe they did give me some extra energy. I think it is probably a subjective experience as to how you feel after drinking the drinks, but I enjoyed the taste and I think that probably matters a bit more than how they make you feel afterwards.

I’d be interested to see what other flavours may come out in the future. This is a drink I would occasionally buy in the shops, the price of £1.59 means it is slightly more expensive than say a bottle of Diet Coke (my usual bottle of choice) but it is a nice alternative to fizzy drinks and if you are watching your weight it can give you more options. I like the fact that it is an organic drink, using organic ingredients.

Little Miracles are available to buy in most major supermarkets for £1.59 per bottle.

I was sent a bottle of each flavour of Little Miracles in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My Week on Wednesday

Wow, this week has gone fast! I am not sure where it’s gone really. Me I’m just getting back into the swing of things after our holiday. This last week at work has been one of catching up and getting back into it all. It’s […]

My Week on Wednesday

Well after a little holiday, here I am, back on Wednesday. It’s been a lovely week and I am very relaxed and chilled – wonder how long that’ll last! Me We have been on holiday this last week to Menorca. It was really lovely, a […]

My Week on Wednesday

This week has been a bit pants, really. I have just felt very stressed and not really focussing on anything I want to do. On a positive note, I have started my leave from work and had my little sister to stay, so not all bad.

My we


I went to see my Dad on Saturday, for his 70th birthday. We had a little get together in the afternoon, and then went out for dinner in the evening. We went to The Harbour Inn in Lyme Regis, his favourite restuarant and Lyme Regis is also one of his favourite places. It was lovely to see him, and spend some time with him and other members of my family. The only issue I had was that my partner and Bubs had to leave early and go all the way back home to Bristol, as Bubs would not have made it through the evening dinner.

On Sunday, we drove back to Bristol with my little sister in tow. She has been staying the lat few days, and its been nice to see her and spend a bit of time with her. Now she’s 18, it can be really obvious the differences between her and other people her age; She bought a colouring book and a frozen CD on Monday, and she has really enjoyed using them. I guess it has just made me see how different her life will be from mine.

Today, we have been to Wild Place, a wildlife park in Bristol. It was a lovely relaxing time actually and I really enjoyed spending time with everyone there.

I am now on annual leave from work and don’t have to go back for a few weeks. It’s lovely to feel I don’t have to go back soon, and I get a proper break. I haven’t had two weeks off work for years! We are off to Menorca next week and I really can not wait. I do need to start packing though….

Bought some fab Primark bargains this week. I got these leggings for £3 and I couldn’t be happier with them! I also got a couple of summer dresses to take on holiday.

Weight wise, things have been a bit of a nightmare this week. Dinner out on saturday was tough, but I stuck to my guns and just had a steak with salad, no chips and no pudding. It was the drink though that really undid me; if I had stuck to diet coke I would have been fine. I know I need to enjoy myself, but I have really seen this week that, actually, alcohol is not the be all and end all. I love a glass of wine or two, but that’s where it is going to stop (not that I drink excessively anyway but last Saturday was rather silly!) I just have to see how I go on Friday and then as I have my holiday, I think I will need to just be sensible and when I get back really tackle it.

Food wise has also been an issue with my sister here. She loves going out for lunch, but she’ll only eat certain things. Like burgers, pizza or chicken nuggets. So trips to McDonalds and other fast food joints have been made. I have made healthy choices where I can, but what I have realised recently is that it costs so much more to choose the healthy version! What’s that about?! Having a salad would have been £4 more expensive than the burger we had yesterday. When you are on a budget, these things do matter and I have had to sometimes make a financial decision over a healthy one. That’s not fair in my mind. After all, a salad can’t cost more than a burger and chips to make?!


I have finished We Were Liars and I enjoyed this book, although I wonder if I missed the point somewhere. I liked the ending but I don’t know if I would have called it a ‘shocking’ twist. I have now started a book called The Poet’s Wife which I am going to review next – it’s sounding good so far!


Bubs has had a lovely week, but we are still having issues with sleep. Things have improved somewhat, but we are still having days when she doesn’t nap, and therefore goes to sleep early, and also days when it is really tricky to get her to go to sleep. We have stopped using her winnie the pooh projector as although at one point, this did help her get to sleep, now it seems to wake her up!

She is eating much better and really has taken to the spoon/spork this week. She has been eating couscous and vegetables, veggie fajitas, quorn Bolognese and lentil pasta and seems to be really enjoying them! The chocolate obsession seems to be waning and we are back on the fruit yogurts again. I am enjoying sharing mealtimes with her at the moment.

She is talking so much, and saying new words all the time. So many little phrases and sentences are emerging, such as ‘look ___(at object such as stick/flower)’ ‘ I/Me Eat’ and she is also pointing at things and asking their name, or telling me their name. She has also started to sing ‘EIEIO’ and a little bit of baa baa black sheep, which is mixing it up a little from ABC and Twinkle Twinkle!

I can’t wait (and slightly dreading) taking her on holiday, it will be so lovely to be just us three together, and I am looking forward to seeing her in the pool.


This week I have been loving some Pukka Tea I was sent to review. Clean Green Tea and Morning Time – both are lovely and just what I need to help with my water intake and stop me having too much tea and milk.

Time for Tea!

I was recently sent some wonderful Pukka Tea by the Nutrition Centre to review. I love trying new tea, and love having herbal tea at work, as it keeps me focused and alert. I was also sent this really useful information about different herbal teas […]

My Week on Wednesday. On Friday. Ahem

  Well, this week seems to have flown past. I also can barely remember what I have done this week! As you may have realised, today is Friday, not Wednesday. Everything has taken twice as long to do this week for some reason (mainly Bubs […]

My Week on Wednesday

Well, this week seems to have crept up on me a lot quicker! Still not much going on with the blog, apologies about that. I am trying to work out what I want to write about. When Inspiration hits, I will be blogging away. I think August, a time of holidays and general slowness at work, and well, everywhere, I just feel its harder to start anything new. I like September, I like the feel of autumn and that ‘starting again’ feeling you get, which probably harks back to school days. Anyway, I blather on. Here’s what happened this week:


I had a lovely weekend, when my partner was off work, and we managed to sort the house out and clean everything, put everything away, and get a few jobs done. We cleared the spare bedroom for my sister’s arrival (which will be this weekend), and also ready for his Sister who was staying overnight. We had a lovely evening, with a chinese takeaway and watching a film. Oh, and some red wine. Sunday, we all went for an adventure drive and found a pub to have a Sunday Roast. It was such a nice feeling to know my house was lovely and clean, things sorted and put away, it really helped me to relax and enjoy time with my family.

My phone is almost broken, and currently only works if its plugged in, and then that’s only if you’re lucky. Not taking a phone with me wherever I am, has been liberating. I am not checking my phone all the time, writing status updates, or even taking photos. My memories all all in my head. I like not having a phone, so much I am wondering if I really want to get another one – or maybe just buy a very basic phone with no social media. We can get snowed under by it, blogs are one thing but trying to keep up to date across twitter, facebook, etc etc – it takes over your life. I am glad that I have had this opportunity to change the way I had been doing things. I enjoy it all much more now I am not constantly on there.


Slow week, and it’s just seemed to go crazy fast. I have felt really tired this last week so reading has taken a little back burner. I am about half way through The Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva and it’s still good. The tension and suspense are reeling me in. I want to know answers but yet I don’t as it would mean the book would finish!

I also managed to pick up ‘How to be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran for a bargain 50p at work, in a charity book sale. I love it when you see a book you have been looking for, half hidden amongst the piles of other books. It’s so exciting! I am hoping I can start reading this book when I am on holiday (I have a lot of high hopes about reading loads of books this holiday – you never know!)


Bubs has turned 18 months old this week. It’s pretty crazy if I think about it too much. I can’t believe a year and a half has gone by with her with us. She is just so amazing, and talking so much. She says ‘All gone!” “it’s gone”, “more please” “sleep” and just so many other little words. I can’t believe that soon she will be talking like you and me, it just feels so strange. She is also very accurately telling me when she needs her nappy changing – I am not ready to start potty training just yet, and I doubt she is, but it seems to be lurking on the horizon.

Bubs’ temper has calmed a little this week, she is screaming less and more now when she is just very excited. She will sit in the trolley now with some prompting from us, and seems to enjoy having a treat (a bag of dried fruit wriggly worms) once we have finished. She is also eating much better, and using her spoon and fork more. I have found she eats better if I sort of not make a big deal of dinner or of what she has on her plate, I put it down and just let her get on with working out what it is. She also enjoys eating things she thinks is mine, so I have used this a few times when she has refused to eat. She is obsessed with chocolate, no idea why as we hardly have any in the house, and don’t tend to eat it if we do in front of her, but there has been time over the last few weeks where she has demanded chocolate!

I have also started giving Bubs warm milk before bed. She used to just have cold cow’s milk, but warming it up seems to go down much better. She likes to read a story and then will go up to bed. She is taking less time to fall asleep then she was, and that’s good as we used to have lots of screaming and shouting before she finally went to sleep. So here’s hoping that continues.


Found my Gromit mug which I was very pleased about. No new adventures in tea this week.



My Week on Wednesday

Well, this week has been a busy one. Things are changing a bit, but good change. Me This last week has disappeared really. With my partner on nights, the days and nights blur into one a bit. I have felt it a bit odd being […]

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