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Reasons Not To Go To Bed – Toddler vs. Mum


  • It’s already morning (it’s not)
  • Need a drink without water 
  • Need to read the zoo book
  • Need to go downstairs
  • Need to sing ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’
  • Legs sore
  • Thumbs sore
  • Upsy Daisy needs to go downstairs 
  •  Need to eat my toast (from breakfast)
  • I need to speak to Grandma
  • Where’s the moon?
  • Where’s Peppa Pig?
  • I need to get back in the bath (that I only spent 2 minutes in because it wasn’t purple)
  • I need to use the Potty
  • I need to bake an orange in my kitchen for the baby 
  • I need my bracelet 
  • Can you sing twinkle twinkle?
  • Wrong duvet cover
  • The light is on
  • The light is off
  • Can we go into the garden to look for worms
  • I need you to Rock me like a baby
  • Where’s blankey


  • Child is still awake
  • I’m going to drink this glass of wine even if my eyes are half closed
  • I want to watch a programme of some kind 
  • I need to watch orange is the new black before it isn’t 
  • I need to eat
  • I need to drink something today 
  • I need to wee for the first time today
  • I have to wash some clothes as mine are all covered in snot
  • I need to do the dishwasher
  • I just want to lie here for a while
  • I’m worrying about tomorrow 
  • I’m thinking about how little sleep I will get tonight 
  • I’m thinking about dyeing my hair sometime this year 
  • I need to stare at my iPad for half an hour 
  • I want to finish my book
  • What am I going to eat for dinner tomorrow?
  • I want to change jobs
  • Thinking about what life would be like if I didn’t have to work ever
  • I need to call my mum back as she called me three weeks ago
  • I’m having such a great time why would I want to sleep?
  • Painting one fingers nails 
  • Listening to 90s songs on YouTube 
  • Googling former child stars of the 80s
  • It’s morning (it is)

Sleep Well Event with Next Garden and Home Store Bristol

I couldn’t wait to go and have a look around the Next Garden and Home Store in Cribbs Causeway. We were invited to their blogger sleep well event as they have just opened and it is one of the first Garden and Home stores Next have! It also includes Next’s very first Bed Shop. The other added bonus for me was the Costa Coffee outlet which is inside!

We had a fabulous talk with Sammy Margo, a sleep export who has written the book The Good Sleep Guide, all about getting a good night’s sleep. We listened to Sammy and she gave some really useful and easy tips you can use at home to get a good nights’ sleep. You can follow Sammy on twitter @goodsleepexpert


Some tips were:
· Your room should be pink or green as these are colours which help us to get a good nights’ sleep

· Have a ‘sleepy snack’ before bed such as a banana, oats or turkey

· Make sure your pillow is not too old and supports you properly (Sammy showed us a fab trick to see if your pillow needs replacing – fold pillow in half and put a trainer on top. If it pings off, it’s fine – if it stays on there, it’s too old and needs replacing)


· Have a bedtime routine just like your children do – have a nice hot bath, read and relax before bed

· Turn off all electronic devices by 9pm (although Sammy admits for bloggers this is hard!)

· Keep room cool as this helps sleep – 18 degrees is the ideal room temperature


I really found this talk useful as my partner doesn’t sleep well and I can find it hard to relax. I am definitely getting us some more pillows as ours don’t pass the test!

We were given a lovely goody bag to help us get a good nights sleep and also a gift card to choose something from the store. We then had time to browse the store and buy some lovely things! I had a look at all the beds and they all looked really comfy and cosy and a lot of different styles and types. They also had some fab accessories for bedrooms, bathrooms and every part of the house! I thought the variety was very good.



I loved these bedroom styles – I noticed that many of the bedrooms were accessorised with green or pinky colours.


In the end I chose a wall clock and a set of candles. As we have just moved into a new house, our first home, I have never really ‘accessorised’ before so it was lovely to have such a lot of things to choose from.

I felt that the store was lovely and bright, everything was laid out well (according to colours which is great when thinking of what you want for certain rooms) and there was a variety of different colours and styles to suit.
The items I chose were lovely and when I got them home I had a good look at them. The candles were lovely and look great in my downstairs loo. They don’t have a fragrance though which I was a little disappointed about. The clock looks fab, and will look great on my kitchen wall. It looks well made.

I loved the goody bag and I am really impressed with the fragrance diffuser. I have never used one of these before but I will do from now on – it was so easy to put together and it smells gorgeous. I have it in my bedroom and the smell (Garden Mint and Elderflower) is wonderful and very calming – I feel like I have slept better since I have put it in there!


We then had a lovely lunch at Carluccio’s. It was a great day and it was lovely to see the new store and see what Next had to offer. I will definitely be back again.

I was invited to the Next blogger event where we were given a goody bag and a voucher. We we also taken out for lunch at carluccios. However all opinions within this post are my own

Kiddicare sleep survey – Results

So we have now come to an end of the Kiddicare sleep project. Throughout the project we have had sleepless nights, teething and also some very good nights sleep.

One thing for sure is that Bubs’ has definitely slept better as the survey went on. Could it be that just by taking notice of our sleep, we have found ways to improve it?

Usually, Bubs goes to sleep about 7-8pm and will wake slightly one or two times in the night but quickly settles if we give her the dummy. On these days, I sleep rather well, although I can go to bed anywhere from 9.30pm to midnight! A few times I have found it hard to go to sleep, and I do sometimes wake in the night, and feel wide awake.

It has been really interesting to take part in the survey, and seeing our month written down on the chart has been interesting. I think we are lucky really as most of the time Bubs does sleep well. She wakes a few times in the night, but this is just for minutes really. Yes the times where she doesn’t sleep at night are hard, but this only lasts a few days, I know some people who have that every night. Usually there is a reason for her waking such as teething or having a cold. We have only had one night where she just woke up happy as larry at 1am, wanting to party, and didn’t get back to sleep till 3am!


I guess one question that has sprung to mind completing the survey is, what does ‘sleeping through the night’ actually mean? I think looking at the chart, Bubs does sleep through most of the time. She gets unsettled yes, but she settles back down again quickly. She also goes to bed easily now, and I know she will sleep between 7pm-12 midnight usually without any problems. I think when people ask you that question, it really does depend on your answer, and also what is your ‘normal’.

Bubs also naps well. From the chart I can see she naps roughly the same time, and for the same period, everyday. I think we have a ‘routine’ of sorts, which has sort of evolved naturally, and it is working for us at the moment.

Looking at my sleep chart, I can see that I go to bed far too late. I am getting to sleep from 11.30 to midnight most nights, and on a few occasions I have gone to bed at half 10. This is something both me and my partner are trying to improve, and so for the last few days we have been going to bed at 10pm, reading for a bit and then sleep before 11. It has definitely made a difference.

I can also see from the chart I have put I am tired, exhausted or stressed throughout. Going back to work has been hard, and there have been a few temporary changes at work I have had to deal with too. This had led to me having a few headaches and this has also made me feel tired, as well as looking after Bubs. Hopefully the changes at work will end soon and this will take the added stress from me.


The book we were sent, Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques by Rebecca Welton, has also been an interesting read. I have definitely picked up a few Tips from it,  there is a great chapter in it with 12 Top Tips, such as make sure your baby is not hungry before you try to get them to sleep, and also that consistency is key. The book is very easy to read and I have found it really good for dipping in and out of. I really liked the idea of the Trust Techniques as I do not really want to go down the controlled crying route. Using sleep-cue words, and following Rebecca’s advice about trust techniques has definitely helped us over the last month, and this book is one I shall keep referring to. As I have said, I feel that overall, Bubs’ sleep has improved over the last month, and I think being aware of undertaking this survey, as well as reading tips from Rebecca’s book, has really helped.  There are some great tips from Rebecca about getting your baby to sleep over on the Kiddicare Blog.


I think now what I need to do is focus on making sure I get to sleep on time, so that I am better prepared for work,  so that if Bubs’ wakes in the night, I will have had some sleep before this. I have decided I am going to have at least one night a week where I switch off the TV, Computer, Phone and do something more calming such as a bath, paint my nails and read my book.

How do you get a good nights sleep? Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!

The sleep creep

When you want the baby to stay asleep it doesn’t take much to wake them up. Do they have sonic hearing? I literally have to open my eyelids and she starts shouting my name.

One thing I’ve learnt is that once she’s gone to sleep at night, there is no way I can do certain things. Here I’ve compiled a useful list for you:

What can wake the baby up:

-Sneezing – always need to sneeze when I put her in her cot. It’s like tempting fate.

-Brushing my teeth (I end up doing this when she has a bath). Brushing teeth when you’re trying to be quiet, is a crazy idea. Water, the sound of your toothbrush, echoes in the bathroom.

-Going to the toilet – it’s closed between 7pm-7am. If you’re desperate, you can’t flush. Awkward. I have trained my bladder to go 14 hours straight. Skillz.

-Laughing – unless it’s in my head…..

-Doing anything in the kitchen – plates, kettles, cutlery drawers are awash with loud noises. You can’t even make a cuppa without added sound effects.

-Reading a book – is it me or when you’re trying to read quietly, you seem to loudly open pages, drop the book on your face or something else

-Talking – you end up talking im whispers that are actually louder than your real voice

-Closing doors – after it gets dark, every door in the house suddenly gets a squeak that not even Wd40 can fix. I once tried to use my deodorant to stop the door squeaking in a moment of despair.

-TV – I end up watching things with the sound down on 1 or 2. I have learnt to lip read. This is why I love Nordic Noir programmes – ready to go with subtitles. Damn I love The Bridge.

-Breathing – I never heard that nose wheeze my partner does until it sounded like it was amplified a gazillion times since Bubs was born.

The sleep creep

Instead, I have created the ‘sleep creep’ which involves tiptoeing on my left foot whilst trying not to tread on the 6th, 2nd, 4th and 3rd floorboard with my right, as it sets off an alarm only dogs and my baby can hear. I jump from the landing to my bedroom door, pirouette and slip on my pyjamas like I am Kate Bush.

When you want the baby to wake up, and you’re late for an appointment or you’re breaking out into a sweat as they are sleeping into the late afternoon, not even a fog horn could wake them up, however. What the hell?

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Sleep is something I used to take for granted before I had a baby. It really is something that knocks you for six. Those first few weeks with a newborn, were horrific sleep wise. After a while, your body just goes into auto pilot. I felt I was living in a dream.

Things have improved a lot since then. Bubs has always been good at going to sleep, and I have been lucky in that I have had a good chunk of sleep at a time for a while. People ask if babies sleep through, and I’ve never really understood that phrase. I could say that Bubs sleeps through, as some nights she only stirs, and then settles again very quickly. Other nights however, it can take a lot longer!

When Kiddicare asked me if I would like to take part in a sleep survey, I thought it would be a really interesting and useful idea. There are a few of us taking part in the survey. Basically you complete a chart about you, and your baby’s sleep and how you feel in between.

I started the survey at the beginning of February. So far, it has shown me that Bubs wakes up at similar times throughout the night, usually about 2am and then about 5am. She only wakes, or cries, for a few minutes, and is usually soothed and calmed back to sleep by her dummy. Yes – I notice the link too! This dummy seems to be the reason perhaps she is waking.

Teething has also played a part these past few weeks and there have been a few occasions when she has woken up due to her sore bum, or because she is in pain. Other times she wakes up, and I have no real idea why!

Her bed time is about 7pm-8pm. I think this is OK, but I have been thinking recently of our bedtime routine. She has her dinner, then bath and once she is in her pyjamas, she has her bottle. After this, we may read a book or she will play for 5-10mins. Then she says goodnight and goes up to her cot anywhere between 7-8pm. I will put her down at this time, but she can take anything from 10mins to 45mins to actually settle and fall asleep. I put her in her cot, and put on her mobile, and then come down stairs. I will go back up after the music has finished and/or she is calling out or crying.

These last few nights she has gone to sleep a lot more quickly, so maybe she is settling into this routine. However, this all depends on my getting organised enough, getting her tea and bath done on time, and to bed on time. Sometimes her dinner is not finished until gone 6pm, and I think I really need to work on getting dinner ready earlier.

So, undertaking this sleep survey has got me thinking already! I will update you on how we are going. As part of the pack I received with the survey, I have been sent a book Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques by Rebecca Welton about sleep techniques that are not controlled crying – something I am not keen to undertake. I will let you know how I get on with the book and any hints and tips I find out! You can also read more tips around sleeping and win a copy of Rebecca’s book on the Kiddicare Blog .

Do you have any baby sleep tips or hints? How does your baby sleep? Let me know in the comments below!