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Fathers Day Gift Ideas with Truprint #TruprintDads

Truprint have a lot of great ideas for Fathers Day Gifts. I was lucky to be asked by Truprint to try out some of their gift ideas. Take a look at the whole Father’s Day Gift selection here

I wanted to do something with Nancy to make this Father’s Day Special for her Dad. This year has been a bit of a stressful one, and I want to make sure he has a lovely day this year.

There are a lot of lovely gifts on the Truprint website. Using your own photos, you can put together lots of personalised items such as mugs, posters and canvas prints.

As Dan is a big tea fan (like me!) I decided that a personalised mug from Nancy would be a fab idea. It was easy to upload photos and to choose which ones to put on the mug. We added some text and chose the colour for the background.

The mug is great and the photos are printed to a high standard. I am very pleased with the overall look and finish of the product. 

To go with his mug, we also chose photos to go on some coasters. Again this was very easy to do, once you have uploaded your photos to Truprint you can just pick them from your online album, so it didn’t take long to make the coasters. 

The coasters are lovely and the photos are really good, they look really shiny and vibrant. The coasters are a good quality and look sturdy and not cheap. 

We added some chocolate and of course teabags to the cup before we wrapped it too. Nancy enjoyed putting these in the cup and added a little surprise! 

I also chose a sheet of stickers for Nancy to use to make some wrapping paper! The stickers were again easy to use. I would have liked an option to have a sheet of a selection of photos rather than just one type of sticker, but I am thrilled with how they turned out.  The stickers were printed well, and were a good size. 

Delivery of the products were super quick too which was fab.

To make our wrapping paper, I utilised Nancy’s easel which she had for her birthday (it’s from Ikea). This has a roll of paper on it which is just perfect to make wrapping paper! We got out our stickers, and coloured pens and crayons and got to work. 

It was so much fun and the personalised stickers just add that little bit of loveliness – he won’t want to unwrap his presents!

Get up to £30 off your Father’s Day order if you use the code LOVEMYDAD on the Truprint website. 

Terms and Conditions:

Code LOVEMYDAD gives £10 discount on order £20-£49.99 and £30 discount on orders £50 or more

Minimum spend does not include P&P charges

Offer is valid until midnight 15th June 2015.

Offer is valid for single use during the promotional period and to customers residing in the UK on Truprint.co.uk only.

P&P charges will apply

Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or on pre-paid prints.

Please allow an additional 1-2 delivery days during this promotional period. 

We were sent some Fathers Day gifts from Truprint in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Museum Selection – Tea Caddy and Tea Cup Review

When Museum selection asked me if I’d like to review their tea caddy and tea cup, I thought it sounded a great idea! Museum Selection is a website that works with many museums and galleries providing gifts for their gift shops. Their items therefore are steeped in nostalgia and relate back to days gone by.


The tea caddy I was asked to review is beautiful, and would make a great gift. One thing I would say however is that a few people have indicated to me that they feel the shape is a little urn like, but I love the elephant design and detail.


The tea itself is very nice. I always worry that tea in such an item would be cheap and tasteless, but this is a pleasant afternoon tea that went down lovely. It’s an easy to drink tea that most people would drink and find agreeable. I would personally make this tea in a teapot, rather than in the cup.

The tea cup is beautiful. It’s bone china and has been hand finished with 22ct gold. It’s so nice I don’t really want to drink out of it. The design has a 20s/30s style to me, and it looks so elegant. Again, a great idea for a gift for a tea lover. I feel extremely elegant sipping on some tea in my posh cup and saucer.

Elephant Afternoon Tea Caddy is £9.99, Tea Cup and Saucer £24.99 from Museum Selection.


I was sent some afternoon tea in a tea caddy with a cup and saucer in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bagabook Tote Bag Review

Bagabook are a unique company with a unique product – a book cover carrier which protects your book or diary, as well as being functional like a bag.

I was asked by Bagabook to review some of their new range which they have recently launched. I was sent a Tote Bag, but the range also includes matching book covers, iPad covers and a scarf. There are three designs in the range: liquorice, candy stripe or bouquet. I was sent a bouquet tote bag, and the design is bright, colourful and modern.


The tote bag is a good size – it fits under your arm easily and there is lots of room inside for your book, your purse and anything else you may need.

The bag is made well, and feels sturdy. The ‘BB’ emblem on my bag looks a little at a slant but you can’t really notice this – I suspect that’s just my bag however. The pockets inside are a good detail, meaning that you have places to put your phone and keys. The phone pocket is nice and wide, making sure all sorts of phones can fit in – there’s nothing more annoying than having a bag where you can’t use the phone pocket! There is plenty of room in here for any other bits and pieces you may need to take out – for me it’s usually juice cups and wet wipes!

IMG_3022.e JPG

The tote bag is great for when you want to take your book and a few other things out, it all fits nicely inside and it’s easy to wear on your shoulder.

For me, the bags price is a little out of my usual price range – it’s £39.95 – I would usually be looking at bags for less than this, so I would see this more as a gift item than something I would buy myself. If you know someone who has the Bagabook book cover, then getting the tote bag to match would be a great Christmas gift.

I was sent the bouquet tote bag from Bagabook in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Lego Movie Review

I was asked by Suppose.com if I would like to review The Lego Movie, and they kindly sent me the DVD to review.

The Lego Movie is about Emmet, just an ordinary Lego worker who is identified as the ‘Special’ one, who will save the world. He joins a quest to defeat an evil tyrant, and has a lot of escapades on the way.


We loved this film. It is funny and easy to watch, and also a lot of fun! I also couldn’t get the infamous “everything is awesome” song out of my head! This is a lovely family film which kids and grown ups will both like. It’s amazing how they can make the film so true to lego life, and the detail is fab. Lego is something we love in our family and so this was a nice movie which caught our attention from the get go. It is funny, and features a lot of the classic lego-isms that Lego fans will notice. A great movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

I was sent a copy of the Lego Movie in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Little Miracles Organic Soft Drinks Review

When I was contacted about Little Miracles, I was intrigued. A soft drink, with tea? As a self confessed tea addict I thought it would be a great idea to review these drinks on the blog.

Little Miracles are organic soft drinks, made using organic teas and ingredients. Penax Gingseng is used in its purest form, which the company say is its secret ingredient. They are free from articfical flavours, colours and sweeteners. The drinks are being advertised as having all natural ingredients that can give you a natural boost to your day.

There are four flavours of Little Miracles:


Green Tea, Gingseng and Pomegranate

White Tea, Gingseng and Cherry

Black Tea, Gingseng and Peach

Lemongrass Tea, Orange ansd Ginger (New Flavour)

The packaging of the drinks is bright and colourful, and the bottles are a screw cap which is easy to open.

The drinks are a still soft drink, and overall I have really enjoyed the drinks and their flavours. My least favourite flavour is the Lemongrass, Orange and Ginger – I wasn’t too keen on the ginger aftertaste. My favourite flavour is Black Tea, Gingseng and Peach, a lovely smooth flavour which I felt was refreshing. The addition of tea makes these comparable to iced tea drinks, and I do feel the different teas do add a flavour element. These drinks work best ice cold I feel, and would really be refreshing on a sunny day – luckily we have had a few of these lately and these drinks have quenched my thirst.

Did  I feel more energised after the drinks? I am not sure, but I tended to have the drinks with me at work, usually either mid morning or mid afternoon, so they may have helped to give me a boost. By drinking the drinks, I didn’t actually snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon, so maybe they did give me some extra energy. I think it is probably a subjective experience as to how you feel after drinking the drinks, but I enjoyed the taste and I think that probably matters a bit more than how they make you feel afterwards.

I’d be interested to see what other flavours may come out in the future. This is a drink I would occasionally buy in the shops, the price of £1.59 means it is slightly more expensive than say a bottle of Diet Coke (my usual bottle of choice) but it is a nice alternative to fizzy drinks and if you are watching your weight it can give you more options. I like the fact that it is an organic drink, using organic ingredients.

Little Miracles are available to buy in most major supermarkets for £1.59 per bottle.

I was sent a bottle of each flavour of Little Miracles in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My Week on Wednesday

My we

Well, this week has been a busy one. Things are changing a bit, but good change.


This last week has disappeared really. With my partner on nights, the days and nights blur into one a bit. I have felt it a bit odd being on my own every evening, and it has felt a bit stressful dealing with Bubs’ nighttime routine, and waking up routine, all on my own. I went to see my Mum at the weekend, which was a nice change from the routine, and gave me a bit of a break. I was feeling quite low and emotional on Saturday. I helped my Mum to do her shopping at Tesco’s, and then she suggested we have a drink at the cafe. I was feeling OK by this point, but then I felt even worse when someone had a go at me for ‘taking their high chair’, when in fact I had taken it from an empty table. I went and got them another high chair, but this woman was so rude. I don’t think people realise how deep these things can go into someone; yes it was about a highchair, but having someone basically shout at me in a cafe, well, it nearly had me in tears. I held it together, and I was able to have a nice afternoon, but it still hurts me to think this happened, and if I am not careful my anxiety will replay this scene over and over again and I will pick myself apart.

Weight wise, I stayed the same last Friday, which was to be expected with a few dinners out. In fact I was rather pleased I’d stayed the same and not put any on! I think it shows how far I’ve come in that I’ve had a few nice meals out, and managed to make wise choices, which has meant I haven’t put weight on. This week has been less about meals out, and more about making meals at home. I love cooking and trying new things. I have started to make soups to take with me to work, to fill me up at lunch, and I started with butternut squash, which is a soup I have done before. I roasted the butternut squash and made a soup with red pepper, carrot, onion, garlic and a bit of chilli and stock. It tasted OK but was a little watery and plain, I am not sure why this was, but it was pleasant enough to eat for lunch. I can’t believe what a difference it has made to lunchtimes however, I feel much more full up and really has helped me keep my propoints until dinner. I have just made another soup, a spicy roasted vegetable one, which I have worked out as 2 propoints per serving. I am really looking forward to trying this one for lunch tomorrow!

Things will be changing a bit here soon. My sister will be coming to live with us for a bit, and I must say I am very happy about it. It will be lovely to have her around, and to have some company over the evenings when Dan works nights.


I am currently reading The Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva and it is a really gripping read. I just need to know what will happen next! I have been a bit slower with reading this week but I am hoping I can make a bit more time for it over this weekend! I have a few more lovely books lined up to review, which I am planning to read whilst I sun myself in Menorca. I have also had some interesting book-related news today which may turn into something exciting, so watch this space! What have you been reading over the summer, give me some of your recommendations.


Bubs is just being so…grown up. It is so unnerving at times! She is speaking more and more, and saying a lot of little phrases such as “it’s there!” “get up” and so on. She says “mumma” a lot as if she is asking me a question, and at the moment she is really enjoying reading her books.

She has started to make an ear piercing scream when she doesn’t get her way, when she wants attention, or if she is just happy and excited. It is a scream as if someone is being murdered. Out and about, it is very stressful as people just look at you as if you can stop her doing it! WE have managed to sort one thing out – she will stay in the buggy or the trolley now (she was trying to get out before) but she still makes this shrill scream. Distraction works and talking to her, but there are times when she just screams over and over again, not because she’s unhappy, it’s quite the opposite. I try my best to ignore her, or to distract her, but at night it is very draining. Any suggestions, please send on a postcard!

She is starting Nursery tomorrow, for a morning session. She went for an hour on her own on Monday, and had a good time, but was a bit clingy afterwards. I am sure she will have a fabulous time, and really enjoy herself. It is a little weird knowing a stranger will be looking after her, changing her nappy and feeding her. But She needs nursery, she needs to learn and develop and she needs the energy that I really can’t muster all the time. Let’s see what happens!


I am excited as I have some tea I am going to review, soon here on the blog. I love trying new teas so this will be lovely. This week I have just been drinking my PG Tips. I was rather excited to buy a PG Tips Mug from Tesco’s at the weekend. A perfect cup for my travel to work I think!




Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits Review

As someone who loves tea, it is not unusual for me to have a biscuit at the same time. I have spoken before of my love of biscuits, so this is no surprise. When I was asked to review the new Weight Watchers Dark Digestive Biscuits, how could I say no?!


These new biscuits are 1 propoint per biscuit or 51 calories a biscuit, compared with other digestives which are over 80 calories.

The biscuits come in a handy resealable packet, which did work (other resealable packets I have tried in the past have ripped or not been sticky enough!).


I am not normally keen on dark chocolate, so I was a little hesitant when I tried these biscuits. However, they were really nice! The biscuits are thin and the chocolate layer is thin also, I got a lovely taste of digestive biscuit and chocolate, but the dark chocolate flavour was not overpowering as I have found with other biscuits.

The biscuits, whilst being low in calories, are not a teeny tiny size as you sometimes see! The biscuits were a good size and shape, and didn’t feel too ‘diety’. They were great for dunking.


They went very nicely with my cup of tea, and as I have recently started back on Weight Watchers, the fact they are 1 propoint each means I can still have my biscuit fix and keep within my points.

I was sent a packet of weight watchers dark chocolate digestives in order to undertake this review. Al thoughts and opinions are my own

Sleep Well Event with Next Garden and Home Store Bristol

I couldn’t wait to go and have a look around the Next Garden and Home Store in Cribbs Causeway. We were invited to their blogger sleep well event as they have just opened and it is one of the first Garden and Home stores Next have! It also includes Next’s very first Bed Shop. The other added bonus for me was the Costa Coffee outlet which is inside!

We had a fabulous talk with Sammy Margo, a sleep export who has written the book The Good Sleep Guide, all about getting a good night’s sleep. We listened to Sammy and she gave some really useful and easy tips you can use at home to get a good nights’ sleep. You can follow Sammy on twitter @goodsleepexpert


Some tips were:
· Your room should be pink or green as these are colours which help us to get a good nights’ sleep

· Have a ‘sleepy snack’ before bed such as a banana, oats or turkey

· Make sure your pillow is not too old and supports you properly (Sammy showed us a fab trick to see if your pillow needs replacing – fold pillow in half and put a trainer on top. If it pings off, it’s fine – if it stays on there, it’s too old and needs replacing)


· Have a bedtime routine just like your children do – have a nice hot bath, read and relax before bed

· Turn off all electronic devices by 9pm (although Sammy admits for bloggers this is hard!)

· Keep room cool as this helps sleep – 18 degrees is the ideal room temperature


I really found this talk useful as my partner doesn’t sleep well and I can find it hard to relax. I am definitely getting us some more pillows as ours don’t pass the test!

We were given a lovely goody bag to help us get a good nights sleep and also a gift card to choose something from the store. We then had time to browse the store and buy some lovely things! I had a look at all the beds and they all looked really comfy and cosy and a lot of different styles and types. They also had some fab accessories for bedrooms, bathrooms and every part of the house! I thought the variety was very good.



I loved these bedroom styles – I noticed that many of the bedrooms were accessorised with green or pinky colours.


In the end I chose a wall clock and a set of candles. As we have just moved into a new house, our first home, I have never really ‘accessorised’ before so it was lovely to have such a lot of things to choose from.

I felt that the store was lovely and bright, everything was laid out well (according to colours which is great when thinking of what you want for certain rooms) and there was a variety of different colours and styles to suit.
The items I chose were lovely and when I got them home I had a good look at them. The candles were lovely and look great in my downstairs loo. They don’t have a fragrance though which I was a little disappointed about. The clock looks fab, and will look great on my kitchen wall. It looks well made.

I loved the goody bag and I am really impressed with the fragrance diffuser. I have never used one of these before but I will do from now on – it was so easy to put together and it smells gorgeous. I have it in my bedroom and the smell (Garden Mint and Elderflower) is wonderful and very calming – I feel like I have slept better since I have put it in there!


We then had a lovely lunch at Carluccio’s. It was a great day and it was lovely to see the new store and see what Next had to offer. I will definitely be back again.

I was invited to the Next blogger event where we were given a goody bag and a voucher. We we also taken out for lunch at carluccios. However all opinions within this post are my own

Organix Goodies review

The lovely people at Organix goodies sent me some fab new snacks for Bubs to try.

We were sent:

Sweetcorn Salsa Snappy Crocs

Red Berry Burst Rice Cakes

Banana Soft Oaty Bars

The banana Oaty bars have definitely even the favourite. We buy other flavours of this bar anyway, and the banana ones went down just as well! In fact, when Bubs had finished one bar, she wanted another! (I managed to convince her to save them for another day!)

The strawberry rice cakes were also tasty. We tried them plain and with a few toppings such as strawberry and cream cheese. These come in packs of three which is great for when you are out and about.

The sweetcorn salsa snaps were a little different for Bubs. She doesn’t eat many crisp-type products so she was a bit puzzled to start with – I think she was more attracted to the shape of the crisps than actually eating them to start with! I tried them, and they taste nice if a little plain. She tends to go for stronger flavours so that may have been the problem. I think if she tried them again, she may like them better.


So in all most of these snacks were well received. As I said, we usually buy Goodies products anyway especially the Oaty bars. I like the fact that organix have a ‘no junk’ ethos for their products. I would definitely buy the banana Oaty bars and the strawberry rice cakes again, and maybe try the snaps again when Bubs is a bit older.

You could win a Goodies food bundle and a grow your own strawberry plant in my competition which ends on 16th May – go and give it a go!


A Year as a Mum: In Review

One year I have been a Mum.

How do I feel? I feel relieved that everything feels like its falling into place at last. That I have something called ‘Normal’ that I can relate to again, a baseline upon which to base my days.

Normal just went out the window when Bubs was born. I know they tell you that ‘Everything Changes’ and I was like ‘yeah yeah, of course it does’ but it does. It really does. My life turned upside down, and I had no fricking clue what was going on for a bit. But now, it feels OK.

Anyway so whilst the prosecco was working its way through my veins, after her little family get together, I thought of a few highs and low of the last year, to sort of recap what has happened so far. Sometimes writing things down like that can make you see things differently.

Highlights of the last year:

mastering the art of one handed-ness

being able to change a nappy on any surface (or lack of one)

being able to sleep sitting up and not let go of the baby

being able to string a sentence together after lack of sleep

that cup of tea and toast after giving birth – it’ll never be beaten

being able to do up a sleep suit in under 30 second whilst singing and doing the actions to ‘wind the bobbin up’

feeding bubs food that didn’t come out of a packet

talking to other Mums’ at a group and not dying of boredom

not crying as my house is overrun with toys

singing the entire theme tune of ‘cloud babies’ in one take

teaching Bubs to high-five

Lows of the last year:

booby milk leakages in public places

flashing my boob at the postman

eating food out of packets

eating Bubs’ leftovers from the mat on the floor

washing the bath with wet wipes

soft play centres – hell on earth

going to work with baby snot all over my trousers

singing the entire theme tune of ‘cloud babies’ in one take

my hair falling out and now growing back in ‘tufts’

not shaving my legs for 10 months

In Summary:

I think I’ve done a brilliant job. Just need to change my clothes more often and try to eat some vegetables (me, not the baby). I’d love to feel the elation that the tea and toast gave me, but without the birth bit, if that’s possible.

Here’s to another yummy mummy year!

What are your Mum highlights or lows? Let me know in the comments below!