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You mean the world to me

I don’t write down the words you say I can’t remember what you did yesterday I don’t have a lock of hair stashed away Yet you mean the world to me I may not measure every inch you grow Or have kept every one of […]

Things I wish I’d never bought

A rocking chair A baby bath A ball with an annoying laugh A baby bouncer Long sleeved vests Velcro bibs don’t stand the test A bouncy chair you didn’t like That ceiling projector went off in the night You didn’t sit in the bumbo for […]

Thicker Than Water -Prose for Thought

Thicker Than Water

For Lydia


Two links joined together

links that cannot break

we are thicker than water

we are love and hate


two sides of the same coin

both turning different ways

whichever way life spins us

we cry, we laugh, we craze


whatever highs and lows; the ebbs and flows

a shoulder, a heart, a hand is there

a bond so invisible it shows

a person who will always care


Libra lifting like air signs do

breathing life into your dreams

carrying  little bird into the sky

I hope you will spread your wings and fly


you are the calm waters into which I retreat

have faith in yourself; as you do in me

I know you can do this; don’t admit defeat


Emily Tealady 2013

Prose for Thought

Birth – Prose for Thought

Birth the need for artifical help the need to get things started the lack of any feeling the dreams they had departed monitor booming heart beat bass the heat, the smell I couldn’t picture your face I felt as if you’d never come a mirage, […]

Knowing – Prose for thought

I knew. Omniscient patience, quiet conviction. Peace. peace washed over me, calm, cool, clean. Glow. a warm, soft glow, sun in the winter snow. Calm. a halcyon held hand, an embrace, solace. I waited. Ticked days, minutes, months tortuous trickling time. a knowing more than […]

Little Bud – Prose For Thought

Apologies for last week’s absence with Prose for Thought; I had a bit of a brain block (I think tiredness was catching up with me!) but here I am, back again. This week I have been doing some lovely things with the bubba, and she seems to be learning so much, that this is the inspiration for the poem.

Little Bud

You’re growing so fast

you look different every day

like a little bud

you grow silently so I don’t notice.

Blossoming, blooming

you start to reach out

touching things around you

how did you learn to do that?

Giggling, gurgling, shrieking

they say sound can help you grow

you look all around you, soak up the sun

information like a feed to you.

You wriggle, you squirm,

trying to get higher, to reach the sky

only you know what way you want to go

Little Bud, you’re starting to spread your leaves

and when you smile, it’s like a flower has bloomed.

Emily Tealady 2013

Prose for Thought

Milk – Prose for Thought

Milk Cool, white Warm heart Flowing tears       In the dark Gushing, rushing Pulsating Emotion                   Willing nature Such devotion Porcelain nectar     What is Best Smiles or tears It is a test    Hunger, desire Want, need this battle To feed                            Emily Tealady 2013 /code>

Sleeping – Prose for Thought

Sleeping Oh how I took for granted The easy slumber’s now departed That fog when you awake; I’m in a semi conscious state Delirium at 4 o’clock Hold the babe and rock rock rock Jolting yourself you nearly fell Oh how I wish I had […]

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