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I have held many hands. Hands rough with work and wear Hands soft and smooth Hands that have cared. Hands that are shaking Hands that earthquake tremor Hands that wipe away tears Hands that cannot remember Hands that feel no more Hands grasping for answers […]

You Were Mine for Nine Months

You were mine for 9 months. No-one else knew you, but I did. Now you will never only be mine again. You are being stolen from me in front of my eyes. You have their blood, but I do not You breathe their lives, into […]

You mean the world to me

I don’t write down the words you say
I can’t remember what you did yesterday
I don’t have a lock of hair stashed away
Yet you mean the world to me

I may not measure every inch you grow
Or have kept every one of your Babygros
My feelings for you I may not always show
Yet you mean the world to me

I may not do crafts or help you make cakes
Swimming or yoga – you I do not take
My smiles can sometimes be a bit fake
Yet you mean the world to me

I haven’t written about every day
Or when you walked, or toys you play
Sometimes I want you to just go away
Yet you mean the world to me

I don’t catalogue your life so far
I’ve forgotten much, it’s a bit of a blur
To tell the truth it’s been quite hard
Yet you mean the world to me

I can’t sew or make fancy dress
The house is almost certainly a mess
You aren’t coordinated when you’re dressed
Yet you mean the world to me

I think of you before I sleep
Sometimes for you, a tear I weep
My heart’s forever yours to keep
Because you mean the world to me

Wishes – Prose for thought

Wishes Write your wishes on a note Throw a penny in a fountain Don’t forget what you have wrote Even if you climb a mountain One day you will see fruits appear Reward for all the hard work toiling Until that day keep up, keep […]

Thicker Than Water -Prose for Thought

Thicker Than Water For Lydia   Two links joined together links that cannot break we are thicker than water we are love and hate   two sides of the same coin both turning different ways whichever way life spins us we cry, we laugh, we […]

This wasn’t how it was meant to be

This wasn’t how it was meant to be

2 years ago you went away

you left us, went when we left the room

I’ll never forget that time ticking silence

that never ending day, sun sliding slowly

I’ll never forget that room, so small, stuffy, suffocating

This wasn’t how it was meant to be.


we sang, we talked, we stroked your hand,

you were so weak, you looked so different

you mumbled, moaned, you couldn’t speak

I wanted you to stay but I knew it wasn’t fair

a selfish thought, a selfish thing to want,

to remain in that pain

This wasn’t how it was meant to be.


Grandad sang Nat King Cole

‘When I fall in Love, It’ll be Forever’

tears streaming, we knew it wasn’t long

but you didn’t want to bother us

you didn’t want a fuss

we left the room, for only minutes

Grandad went home to get some things

we were laughing about something, smiling

then the Nurse came in, we knew, we knew

a dip so deep in my stomach,

my heart exploded into shards

rushing and running and racing and screaming and crying

up the long long corridor, running to an awful truth

bursting into the room – you’d gone, you’d left

This wasn’t how it was meant to be.


The last thing I heard you say

‘I Love You Em’


Nan; loss; death; dying; losing a loved one
Me and My Nan


Emily Tealady 2013



Crazy With Twins
Prose for Thought

Sleeping – Prose for Thought

Sleeping Oh how I took for granted The easy slumber’s now departed That fog when you awake; I’m in a semi conscious state Delirium at 4 o’clock Hold the babe and rock rock rock Jolting yourself you nearly fell Oh how I wish I had […]

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