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Dear Baby 

Sorry baby, we haven’t meant to totally ignore you for the past 7 months….. Dear Baby I’m sorry you’ve taken a back seat  I’m sorry I’ve sort of forgot  I’m sorry you’re soon to be wearing castoffs  And sleeping in a second hand cot  I […]


Have you ever lost a ticket, a receipt? Something you really wanted to keep Have you ever held it so tight That you thought you’d never lose it But then it gets so familiar  That feel between your fingers  you don’t realise it’s not there? […]

Stress eating – a poem

Costa Skinny Latte and a Full fat Muffin

A fruity flapjack fits the Bill and I’m not bluffing

a diet coke or two and a rich tea if it is there

by the time the birthday cakes arrived

I’m starting not to care
you have to pay on debit card £3 is the aim

so grab a kitkat chunky and a double decker to your shame

you know you are in trouble when you have crumbs upon your desk

wrappers piling higher than paperwork that you detest
you consider eating the alpen bar that’s been in your bag a week

when someone asks whos eaten their crisps you turn and do not speak

your diet coke consumption has gone right through the roof

you empty your own desk bin so that you can hide the proof
but when its gets to crunch time, a twix will do the job

at least when you have your mouth full, you do not swear or lob

It really takes the biscuit, when you’re pushed to the extreme 

To have to choose a rich tea as there are no custard creams
You’re on the hit list for the tea fund, as you haven’t paid

But you have consumed their doughnuts and a cake that Mary made

Some people may do yoga, peace and calm, may meditate

But stress eating is the thing that I just have to contemplate

Storytelling Challenge

It’s National Tell a Story Day! I was challenged to write a children’s story with the help of another blogger’s prompts by Room To Grow. My prompts were: Character: A wise old owl Setting: A quiet forest Object: A lost teddy bear So here’s my […]

Swallow the Sadness

I have to tell people they are dying. Do you know how that feels? to see the life drain away from them the moment the words fall from my lips like poison   I have to tell people they will not get better that there […]

Crayon craziness

Crayons crayons crayons!
You are so colourful and stubby
You are just the right size for me
With hands so small and chubby

The paper is so crisp and white
It’s just right to have a scribble
Black, brown and blue I love them all
I can’t help but have a nibble

The waxy stubs of colourful glee
I just can’t wait to start
Round and round and round I go
Completing my next work of art

My mum she swoons and cheers
When I put crayon to paper
Has she never seen a squiggle before?
She must love the things I make her

Colours fill my every thought
When can I next get hold of wax
I want to hold every crayon I own
And then colour to the max

That’s right I’m crayon crazy
I just need them in my life
When I wake up it’s time to go
And crayon will all my might

I wonder if the magnolia walls
Could do with a bit more colour
As I start my masterpiece
-hold on, what’s the matter with mother?

Some people don’t appreciate
These great works of art
One day I’ll be in the gallery
On Cbeebies for a start

Mealtime Fun

When you don’t eat And throw your food Some people think It’s rather rude You point demand the biscuit tin -But hold on we’re yet to start Eat a few veggies, potatoes or peas Don’t just sit there, and rip it apart I wrack my […]

Things I wish I’d never bought

A rocking chair A baby bath A ball with an annoying laugh A baby bouncer Long sleeved vests Velcro bibs don’t stand the test A bouncy chair you didn’t like That ceiling projector went off in the night You didn’t sit in the bumbo for […]

Poem for Valentines – Prose4T

For Prose 4 T this week, I have a guest poem. This is written by my mum. She works in older peoples services, and has written this poem for valentines. Like me, she loves writing poetry. I have only recently introduced her to my blog, which she said she loved. She shared this poem with me, and it really touched me, so I have her permission to share it with you. So here it is:

Poem for Valentines

I may be a bit wobbly
My eyes aint so good
But I said I’d look after you
As long as I could

Even though it’s not easy
You don’t remember my name
But I love you my darling
Just the same

Remember when sweetheart
We danced through the night?
With Me in my Uniform
And You in your White

You sometimes remember
Cos I heard you describe
The dress that you wore when
You were my bride

But then when you ask me
Who are you my dear?
My tired eyes fill
With unshed tears

You don’t know who I am
When I tell you my name
But I love you my darling
Just the same

LCG 2014

Crane – Prose for thought

Crane Domineering over skyline Cold and grey Like the water below Watching, waiting Seeing the world past by A world you no longer know Heavy weight, You can lift and move Those crates from further shores You sit and wait for action But there’s no […]

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