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My Week

My Week So this week has been mostly occupied with work and seeing my Dad. He was admitted this week due to dehydration and side effects of the chemotherapy. He had started some palliative chemo to give him some extra time, but has spent the […]

My Week on Wednesday

Wow, this week has gone fast! I am not sure where it’s gone really. Me I’m just getting back into the swing of things after our holiday. This last week at work has been one of catching up and getting back into it all. It’s […]

My Week on Wednesday

Well after a little holiday, here I am, back on Wednesday. It’s been a lovely week and I am very relaxed and chilled – wonder how long that’ll last!

My we


We have been on holiday this last week to Menorca. It was really lovely, a beautiful place and it was great to look out on my balcony and see the sea. We had a lovely time together as a family, and spent plenty of time at the pool and Bubs loved to be in the pool – she was in her element and she quickly got the hang of her arm bands, floating in the pool and kicking her legs, managing to sort of doggy paddle around the pool! We went al inclusive and I must say it was a great idea, we didn’t have to worry about money or drinks and food, there was something each of us would eat every day and the quality of the food was good. I managed to read quite a few books and got a lot of sunshine, I am sure it has made a difference to me as I feel so rested and energised. Bubs was brilliant on the plane there and back, and managed to sleep part of the way each time, which was great. She was so lovely, she said “Hola!” to everyone she met and she made friends with a few children too, the first time I have seen her really interact like that with other children. So, yes we had a fab time.


I am really pleased that this week I got the official results of my degree, and I have achieved a 2:1. I am so pleased about this. It has taken me the best part of 13 years to actually get a degree,  after quitting university twice and then going to university to undertake my Nursing diploma, and in all it has taken me 4 years part time study to achieve this degree. It’s the closing of a chapter in my life, tying up loose ends and now I feel I can really move forward with my life and career.

Weight wise, being off work for two weeks has been difficult but in all, over the two weeks I gained 2.5lbs which isn’t too bad I don’t think, especially since I went on an all-inclusive holiday! I am straight back into weight watchers now, and I am glad, I was craving ‘normal’ food by the end. I have a few ideas for my lunch and am determined to get right back on track. There are a few of us on twitter who are on weight watchers and its nice to have a bit of back up!


I have read so many books on holiday, and I feel really good about it! I really enjoyed reading ‘We are All completely Beside ourselves’ by Karen Joy Fowler which was such a good book. I really don’t want to say anything about it other than read it! I was really glad to see that it was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. I also read A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke which was my Bahlsen Book Club read this month. It was a really good book, loads of twists and suspense, the perfect holiday book for me. I also read Before We Met which was a good book, but was a bit more predictable. I also read Mothers Ruined by Aimee Horton, who is also a blogger. It was such a funny book, totally relateable to me as a mum to a toddler. I was really laughing out loud.


Bubs is growing up, its so weird to see her chatting away, and she is saying more and more, and little sentences too. I can understand what she says although I doubt other people can at times! She is very clingy for me at the moment, and wants to be with me all the time. I feel sorry really for her Dad, although I am sure his time will come soon! She is getting really good at eating her meals now, she is eating much more and is also using her spoon and fork most of the time, which is great. She is also starting to drink really well from her ‘normal’ cup, although we still get occasional times when she decides to spit it all out or pour it all over herself!


I was desperate for a cuppa on holiday, there was not a good cup of tea in sight! Now I’m back here, I am enjoying my cuppas again.

My Week on Wednesday

Well, this week has been a busy one. Things are changing a bit, but good change. Me This last week has disappeared really. With my partner on nights, the days and nights blur into one a bit. I have felt it a bit odd being […]

My Week on Wednesday

I have decided that I am going to write a weekly blog post, on a Wednesday, to sort of summarize my week and what I have been doing. I hope you find this insight interesting, and well, here we go! Me I have taken a […]

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