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Fish Fingers and Facetime Heartbreak

They told us in the most technologically advanced way they could, via Facetime. I was actually impressed. This was the only time my Mum has managed to Facetime us herself straight off. I wonder if anyone else has used their ipads in this way. However […]


It’s a funny thing, your belongings. Some are practical, and therefore are needed, whereas others are not really that useful at all. So why do we keep all this stuff? My sister was going through some old CDs the other day, and sending them off […]

Happy writing

I love pens. I do, honest. I love a nice pen to write with. At work, I keep a close eye on my pens in case they go walkabouts.

I was ever so pleased when pilot pens got in touch to ask if I would be interested in writing down those little, special moments with Bubs down in a journal. Using their fab pens, of course!


There is something about writing something down, with a pen in my hand,that makes it real. It’s a true memory stored away. Yes, online I can record so much but the actual physical act of writing can lock it into my brain.


I have really enjoyed writing something each day, and looking back over the last month now, there are so many of these little things I’d completely forgotten about! I am definitely going to keep writing down these little moments as it’s such a lovely record to have!

Writing them all down with the fabulous pens I have been given has been a pleasure. The Frixion pen is lovely to write with, very smooth and flows well. I also love the fact you can erase with it! All the pens have worked straight away with no annoying scribbling-on-a -scrap-of-paper-to-get-it-working and they are fab colours. So basically, I love them. I take them everywhere with me!


I think it would make a lovely gift for a new mum – a little notebook and a pen – I wish I’d had one right from the beginning. You get a lot of thoughts pop into your head during night feeds! Just to record all those little moments, I can’t believe how many things I would have forgotten if I hadn’t written them down.

Sometimes it’s just nice to pick up a pen and write, it’s something that we do less and less now computers are everywhere. Pick up a pen and write something today!

I was sent a small notebook and some pens by Pilot Pens in order to take part in #happywriting. All thoughts and opinions are my own


A new house to call our own. My first house I have ever bought. If I think too much about it then I may panic slightly. I am sad to leave this rented house. It has been a good house, full of lovely memories. It’s […]

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