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You mean the world to me

I don’t write down the words you say
I can’t remember what you did yesterday
I don’t have a lock of hair stashed away
Yet you mean the world to me

I may not measure every inch you grow
Or have kept every one of your Babygros
My feelings for you I may not always show
Yet you mean the world to me

I may not do crafts or help you make cakes
Swimming or yoga – you I do not take
My smiles can sometimes be a bit fake
Yet you mean the world to me

I haven’t written about every day
Or when you walked, or toys you play
Sometimes I want you to just go away
Yet you mean the world to me

I don’t catalogue your life so far
I’ve forgotten much, it’s a bit of a blur
To tell the truth it’s been quite hard
Yet you mean the world to me

I can’t sew or make fancy dress
The house is almost certainly a mess
You aren’t coordinated when you’re dressed
Yet you mean the world to me

I think of you before I sleep
Sometimes for you, a tear I weep
My heart’s forever yours to keep
Because you mean the world to me

What is Love?

What is Love?

(Apart from a Haddaway Song, that is).

This sounds all deep and meaningful, and I guess it is. I could sound like a right cold hearted person here too, but people who know me, know I’m not like that.

For me, I am not sure what love ‘feels’ like. I know there are many types of love, for your family, your partner, your favourite football team. All different. But what does it feel like?

When I gave birth, I was told by everyone I met, and throughout my life really, that when you give birth you feel this ‘overwhelming’ love like nothing else. I’ve already blogged about how I didn’t feel this then, and how it took time for me to feel that love.

But it wasn’t a gushing, all encompassing, hit-me-with-a-truck feeling.

I felt connected. I felt like we fitted in with each other. I felt at home. It’s a feeling of ordinariness and normality.

Likewise, when I met my partner, I didn’t feel anything (although that could’ve be alcohol induced). I don’t even know when I decided I loved him. We just met one day, and that was it. I remember meeting him that night, and knowing we would be together. But it was like a instant thought, no trembling knees or butterflies. It was something accepted, gladly of course.

When I think of my family; my mum, dad and siblings, of course there is a tie that binds us. There is a link because we all grew up together.

I loved my nan dearly. I loved her, with a warm glow. A smile and a laugh. I loved her till the day she died, and I still do. The emotion is strong because she’s not here anymore.

Love to me is a wild panic, of an absence of another, of thinking you may never see that person again.

What is love to you?

Poem for Valentines – Prose4T

For Prose 4 T this week, I have a guest poem. This is written by my mum. She works in older peoples services, and has written this poem for valentines. Like me, she loves writing poetry. I have only recently introduced her to my blog, which she said she loved. She shared this poem with me, and it really touched me, so I have her permission to share it with you. So here it is:

Poem for Valentines

I may be a bit wobbly
My eyes aint so good
But I said I’d look after you
As long as I could

Even though it’s not easy
You don’t remember my name
But I love you my darling
Just the same

Remember when sweetheart
We danced through the night?
With Me in my Uniform
And You in your White

You sometimes remember
Cos I heard you describe
The dress that you wore when
You were my bride

But then when you ask me
Who are you my dear?
My tired eyes fill
With unshed tears

You don’t know who I am
When I tell you my name
But I love you my darling
Just the same

LCG 2014