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8 truths about nursery

For anyone not aquainted with a nursery, these 8 truths may help you to fit right in when your child starts….

1. You can never just ‘drop off’ your child….it takes at least 10 minutes and even then you have to crowbar your child off your leg

2. On that point, I break my neck to get there as close to opening time as possible, press the buzzer….and I wait and wait. Be prepated to wait for ages, holding a wrigging toddler and having to remember the password. “SOMEONE LET ME IN!” I want to scream in the frenzy of the morning chaos. I should’ve made that the password, thinking about it…

3. They will always, always get covered in mud, paint,water,  and have lasagne in their hair. There is absolutely no point in dressing up all pretty as they will be in spare clothes within about 10 minutes of arriving.

4. What do they eat? Who knows. If they ate half a veggie roast, what does that equate to exactly? She won’t eat salad without screaming blue murder at home, but you tell me she eats SECONDS? When they write ‘beef lasagne’ then cross that out and put ‘veggie lasagne’, what did she really eat, hmmm?

5. You will always get conned into buying their professional photos….yes I too said I wouldn’t ever bother but oh! the pressure. Oh and I always forget that it is photo day and it’s just pot luck if she’s wearing something suitable…

6. Keep all spare change for charity money that you will have to give to nursery as part of red nose day/children in need/hug a tree day etc.

7. Be prepared to empty your recycling bin and hand this over to nursery for various art and crafts projects. I buy Waitrose milk just so I can look good when I hand over the empty cartons.

8. Get ready to wow the nursery with your child’s fancy dress outfits. Book Day fills me with fear. Luckily this year she wasn’t well and so we didn’t have to do a bodge job with a bin bag and some tin foil. 

Things I like to do now that I didn’t like to do before I had a baby (and turned 30)

I’m not saying they’re connected but I’ve noticed recently there are a number of things that I like to do now that I’d never have considered before. Now it’s either because a) I’m now 31 and starting to become an old fart b) this has all happened since I had a baby  or c) a combination of the both. 

I now like……


Eating mushrooms 

Having a bath (I do wash but I was always a shower girl you know until I realised I could be getting clean, lying down and almost sleeping at the same time – win)

Reading a book in the bath

Putting on make-up (well it’s pretty much a necessity if I don’t want to scare the general public)

Painting my nails 

Drinking red wine (well anything remotely alcoholic really)

Eating peas 

Hanging washing out on the line (if it’s sunny, ima gonna get that wash on) 

Going anywhere alone (rarely happens but still)

Getting up early (well really I’ve just got used to this)


Radio 4 (I need all the news now)

Moaning about the new music on Radio one

Eating percy pigs 

Original versions of songs not awful cover versions

Question Time (I like a good debate)

Coffee (never touched it before. I guess it’s mildly better than smoking)

Lie-ins (I used to think a lie in was wasting the day! Whatevs!)

Working out how much younger people are than me 

Bars that don’t have music so loud you can’t hear a word anyone says

Getting the train. And the quiet coach. 

Eating Nancy’s leftovers (they always taste the best, don’t they?)

Julia Donaldson books (I will ever tire of reading jack and the flum flum tree)


Ironed clothes

Wholewheat pasta 
Have you noticed any differences in yourself? What do you now like that you used to not like? Am I just a mad thing? Let me know in the comments below! 

18 Things at 18 Months

Dear Bubs,

Here is a list of some of the things you do now you’re 18 months.

1. You want everything, all the time
2. You don’t like your high chair
3. You’ll eat anything if you think it’s mine
4. You keep asking for chocolate when we never have any in the house
5. You have acquired an obsession with peppa pig
6. You like to say “please” and usually blow a big raspberry for the “p” sound
7. You can use an iPad better than I can
8. I had to tell you that you can’t use the TV like an iPad
9. Your favourite songs are ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle
10. Your favourite saying is “it’s all gone!” Or “more please”
11. You like to pretend to sleep and then Jump up and shout “boo!”
12. Favourite toy – well gang of toys – is a Portsmouth FC Duck, Upsy Daisy and Spot the Dog.
13. Favourite books are Noodle loves bedtime (read so much it’s broken!) and a tiger who came to tea
14. You still don’t like eggs, at all
15. You love jumping around the room
16. You like to pretend to drive the car with Daddy
17. You love kicking a ball around the garden
18. You’re always so happy, and smiley. Unless it’s bedtime.


Mumma x

2 months, 8 weeks: my maternity leave bucket list


I have two months left before I have to go back to work. This makes me feel sad but I won’t let it get me down. I have decided to write a list of what we are going to do in the next 8 weeks. I want to have fun, make memories and not waste any time. I feel like I missed out at the start so I want to make the end of my maternity leave so much better.

I do have some annual leave to take when I get back to work so I will only be working a few days a week to start which is nice. However I can’t pretend that I am still on mat leave; it must end , I must go to work, and things must change.

I asked people on twitter and Facebook what I should out on my list and I got some great ideas.

So without further ado, here is my list. I hope you enjoy!

My Maternity Leave Bucket List: 8 Weeks Left

Go Swimming

Go to a Farm

Go to Aquarium

Sensory Play

Bake a Cake

Start a ‘Crafty’ Project

Jumping in Puddles

Berry Picking

Make Christmas Cards

Make Christmas Presents

Complete (or rather start) scrapbook

Messy Play

Visit Friends

Go to the Seaside

Go to the Park, play on the swings

Make Clay Hand and Foot Prints

Spend a Day with Daddy

Sort out photographs and put some on walls

Go to Soft Play

Go for a Picnic

Go for a Play Date

Watch Fireworks

Wear Matching Clothes

Spend a lazy day in PJ’s watching¬† DVD

Go to the Cinema? (not sure if she will, but maybe!)

Go to a Children’s Play/Pantomime


I will try to do as may of these things as possible. Maybe not all of them are possible, but it’s good to dream. I am feeling very positive and excited for the weeks ahead.

Do you have anything specific you want to do before you go back to work? Do you have any ideas? Let me know in the comments below!