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A new house to call our own. My first house I have ever bought. If I think too much about it then I may panic slightly.

I am sad to leave this rented house. It has been a good house, full of lovely memories. It’s the only house we’ve rented. Before this, we had a basement flat that was riddled with damp. Everything we owned was covered in black mould.

I’d just had my ectopic pregnancy when we were given notice to leave that flat. The mould taking over the walls were a representation of my mind; black and dark and cold.

The moment I saw this house, I was happy. The sun shone and daffodils were in the garden. The first time I’d felt happy for a while. The relief to leave that flat, where something so horrible had happened, was overwhelming.

I have lived in this house. I have found out I was pregnant in this house. I have brought my newborn baby to this house. I have cried, and laughed and had late night baby feeding cuddles in this house.

I will miss this house. This home that is the first that Bubs has ever known. I find it odd that she will never remember this house. This house where so much has happened for me, and for her.

So, on to pastures new. Our own home, secure, safe and a place to decorate how I like. A garden, a garage, and best of all a DISHWASHER. It’s going to change my life. It’s a brand new house, we will be the first people to impart our memories into its walls.

I can only imagine what fun we will have here. What the future lies in store. I can’t believe I have a place now all of my own. A place for us as a family. Our house, on our street.


How to get ready and out of the house on time with a baby

I have developed a strategy for getting out of the house with the baby, and getting to places on time(ish). You may find this useful.

How To Get Out Of The House With A Baby

7am. Baby wakes. Lie in bed pretending to be asleep hoping other half will go and sort baby out.

7:02am. Get out of bed, and see to baby. Go downstairs and put kettle on.

7:05. Turn on cbeebies. Sit on Sofa and drink tea with glazed expression.

7:25 Read various books, make animals sounds and sing along to cloud babies.

7:30 Make another cup of tea, with slightly less glazed expression. Watch Postman Pat and wonder why Mrs Goggins needs a set of bagpipes.

7:45 Give baby breakfast and choose some lovely clothes for them to wear. Maybe a pretty dress or an expensive outfit. Spend lots of time making baby look gorgeous.

8:45 Hear Tweenies theme tune and panic that you’re late.

8:47 Baby is sick. Change baby into leggings, a T-shirt and yesterday’s socks.

8:47 Run up stairs, wipe face with wet wipe. Put deodorant on and use dry shampoo. Wear yesterday’s clothes. Use a wet wipe to clean the handprints from your knees.

8:50 Grab a handful of clean washing from the dining room table. Stuff the clothes, a cup, biscuit, nappy and wet wipes into changing bag.

8:52 Crawl around on living room floor to find phone, purse and house keys.

8:55 Wrestle with baby to attach shoes. Repeat twice. Add coat and zip.

8:58 Grab handbag, changing bag, baby and buggy. And sanity.

9:00 Merrily skip down the road before remembering that you didn’t actually need to go anywhere.