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My Life with a Threenager

This is my life now…..


Lying in the dark, listening to the Frozen Soundtrack.

Making a hot chocolate without cream that should have been with cream but they weren’t going to drink it anyway but still they wanted, didn’t want the cream.

You’re Elsa when Anna sings but you’re Anna when Elsa sings, OK? Basically you don’t sing. At all.

Watching Ben and Holly until you believe you are actually an elf *blows trumpet*

Eating tomatoes at nursery, but not at home.

Playing matching card games with a complete cheat. And making sure they win or else there’s big trouble.

Pushing the trike around whilst she peddles madly screaming “we need more speed!” in an attempt to accost other children in the park.

Everyone’s her best friend. Or they’re not. But they are.

Laughing manically whilst she smears expensive hand cream into the sofa.

Watching an evolving sense of style which includes using a coat for trousers.

Figuring out answers to questions such as “Who made the steering wheel?” And “Why do we have tables?”

Not touching anything without first being told to. But when I’m told to touch something check it’s in the right way.

Clearly not understanding very simple instructions.

Finding things which have been taken from various places such as nursery or my dressing table hidden in pockets.

Making up bedtime stories but being told exactly what needs to happen in the story and it then taking a very long time to complete the story which is nothing like how it started.

Furniture being used as balance beams and trampolines and wishing she didn’t like gymnastics so much

Wanting the new baby to be called Cupcake

Experimenting with make up such as nail polish for lipstick

Feeling so very tired and wondering why you have such a spirited child

Give Peas a chance

There’s one thing I’ve learnt to love, since becoming a mum.

They are a life saver. They are always there when I need them.

They go with anything.

They are full of vitamins and shizzle.

What am I talking about? I am talking about


I used to hate peas. Peas were a no go. I frigging hated them. Green bogies in my dinner, I used to pick them out of everything!

I have been converted however; I have made my peace (peas?) I changed my mind about Peas since Bubs started weaning.

I do make a lot of our meals from scratch but when you get back late from work, the last thing you need is to start whipping up something wholesome when you’re craving a dominos.

One day, as I was walking through the supermarket, it came to me. Or rather, I went down the frozen aisle.

Those green little pearls were gleaming at me next to the Yorkshire puddings.

At first, I was hesitant. Would she eat them? Would I? But I had to try. I was running out of options and I didn’t like giving her “beige” food or leaving out a major food group.

(I also discovered sweetcorn as well. In a tin. Brilliant. )

Back to the peas. They are ingenious. They literally go with whatever the hell you have left, and make it healthy.

Fish fingers and peas

Sausage and peas

Pasta pesto and peas

Curry? Chilli? Chuck in a few peas.

I feel infinitely better when Bubs has some veg and so a handful of these babies and my guilt disappears.

Best of all, they’re frozen. These babies don’t dry out or go mouldy. Just grab a handful out of the freezer, and BOOM

Peas are now my best friend. I may even admit to liking them myself.

Peas have changed my life, and they could change yours too.