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Stress eating – a poem

Costa Skinny Latte and a Full fat Muffin

A fruity flapjack fits the Bill and I’m not bluffing

a diet coke or two and a rich tea if it is there

by the time the birthday cakes arrived

I’m starting not to care
you have to pay on debit card £3 is the aim

so grab a kitkat chunky and a double decker to your shame

you know you are in trouble when you have crumbs upon your desk

wrappers piling higher than paperwork that you detest
you consider eating the alpen bar that’s been in your bag a week

when someone asks whos eaten their crisps you turn and do not speak

your diet coke consumption has gone right through the roof

you empty your own desk bin so that you can hide the proof
but when its gets to crunch time, a twix will do the job

at least when you have your mouth full, you do not swear or lob

It really takes the biscuit, when you’re pushed to the extreme 

To have to choose a rich tea as there are no custard creams
You’re on the hit list for the tea fund, as you haven’t paid

But you have consumed their doughnuts and a cake that Mary made

Some people may do yoga, peace and calm, may meditate

But stress eating is the thing that I just have to contemplate

Make Your Own Easter Eggs!

With Easter coming up it’s always nice to get in the mood and try and be a bit creative. As you may know, I am not very crafty but I do like to get involved in seasonal edible treats!

Waitrose Online very nicely sent me all I could possibly need to make my own Easter eggs and decorate them to my hearts content.


Waitrose online have a fab page for Easter with lots of ideas for having fun over the holidays. You can download the sheet for how to make your own Easter eggs here.

So to make your eggs you need:

Dark or milk Chocolate (250g or so)
A heat proof bowl
A saucepan with hot water
A pastry brush
Things to decorate with!
Easter egg moulds

I broke my chocolate up into tiny bits and then heated it in a glass heat proof bowl over a saucepan with hot water underneath.

Let the chocolate melt, but don’t let it boil.


Once melted, get your egg moulds and using the pastry brush paint the chocolate onto the mould. You need to try and get the chocolate as even as possible and make sure it’s thick enough around the top sides.

Leave for 5 mins in the fridge or until set. Put another layer of chocolate on the egg and leave to set again.

I think they need as long as you can give them to set, I found it easier to get them out if they’d set for longer.

Now here’s the tricky bit. You have to get the egg out of the mould.

My first try was not successful:


This was because the choc wasn’t thick enough around the edges, and I think it needed longer to set.

After this, I managed to get the egg out of the mould no problems!

Now the fun part: decorating.

Use a bit of melted chocolate on the egg to stick your decorations on.

Bubs really enjoyed eating decorating the eggs with the sweets and marshmallows. It was actually a fun way to touch a load of different textures, and we had fun putting the decorations on (and off) the egg.


She got a bit carried away with the chocolate!

I had a go myself at a bit of an ‘artisan’ look. I used rose petals, honeycomb and these amazing chocolate popping candy pieces. I think it turned out ok!


Now I’ve got the knack with the mould I will definitely be making more! I think these will make lovely presents and the fact they are homemade and home decorated really gives them the personal touch. It’s also a fun thing to do with children over the Easter hols. Let imaginations run wild!

I was sent all the ingredients I needed to make the chocolate Easter eggs plus decorations in order to undertake this activity. All words and opinions are my own.