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Walk to School Month with Kiddicare

Kiddicare kindly sent us a buggy to review to help us support Walk to School Month this October. Walk to school month is an international day when primary schools and nurseries try and encourage as many people as possible to walk to school or nursery.

Walking is not only good for us and our health, but for the environment too. With me also losing weight it was a no-brainer for us to take part in the walk to school month!

The buggy we were sent was the Kiddicare Deko Plus Stroller Pixel Olive.

This buggy is compact and great for short walks like to nursery. The buggy comes with a raincover which is great especially now the weather has changed a bit! The hood gives good cover and has a little window so you can see your child even when it’s raining.


The buggy is suitable from birth, and has a reclining back seat so that babies can lie flat. This is also great for when Bubs wants a nap! It’s easy to move the back into position too using the straps.

This stroller has added comfort extras such as a reversible padded cover and padded chest pads. which looks lovely and comfortable. The 5 point safety harness is also a reassuring safety measure and I found it easy to strap Bubs into the seat. The straps are easily adjustable to your little ones size.


It’s easy to put together and putting it down is easy once you’ve figured it out! It is a little fiddly initially to put up/down but it’s something you get used to over time. It’s lightweight and fits easily into the back of my car as well for those times even you are going further afield.

It is lovely to push and feels quite sturdy, it was easy to manouver around corners and different terrain. Bubs did seem a bit big in the buggy however even though she is nowhere near the upper weight limit. The buggy has a lovely modern design and many people commented how nice it looked! There is a shopping basket underneath the buggy which is quite roomy too, which I was surprised about.

This is a great buggy for us at the moment, when Bubs loves walking but also needs a rest for a while as well.

We have really enjoyed using the buggy and getting out and walking to nursery, and also other places, during Walk to School month. I’ve felt so much better for walking and blowing away the cobwebs. Bubs has also enjoyed walking as much as she can, and having the buggy means that she can have a well deserved rest when she needs one.

The Kiddicare Deko Plus Stroller costs £69.99.


Buggy Thang

When I first had the buggy, it looked like a monstrosity. It was a three wheeled tank. I was actually a bit embarrassed about it.

Taking Bubs out in it to start with, was quite nerve wracking. We got a forward facing one, mainly because it was cheaper and as the baby grew up, she’d grow into it. Getting the car seat adapters was a great idea and meant that when she was tiny, we could still face each other and she was quite comfy in there for short walks.

Just pushing the thing around, initially was a challenge. I could barely steer and kept banging into door frames. I’d even trip over the damn thing myself. Finding the brake, trying to wedge my shopping under the seat whilst people walked/stamped over me, trying to get the foot muff on and wrestling with the straps – it was very stressful.

I hated taking it out. I hated busy places, where I was inevitably going to get stuck. No one seems to get out of the way for a buggy. Or, they try their best to pretend you’re not there until you’re practically hitting them in the heel.
Dodging small children was also a stress. They seem content on getting run over. Old people, too – either in cars trying to run me and the buggy over or walking straight in front of the buggy.

On that point- What is it about people walking straight in front of you when you have a buggy or worse still STOPPING DEAD IN FRONT OF YOU whilst you are walking along. Do they have a death wish? Do they want tyre marks on their calves?

Anyway, 15 months later, and I am not so anxious about going out with the buggy. The buggy feels a part of me, and I can control it one handed at times. It doesn’t seem so big or tank like. And most of all, I don’t give a crap about the general public anymore. I will plough through a crowd carefree (I’ve found walking fast and looking straight ahead helps). I see people leap out of my way, as I breeze past. On the bus, I will fit us in like a piece of a jigsaw and I’m not afraid to shout “excuse me!” To get the shopping bags out of my way to make my swift exit. Using the buggy is like driving the car – I know where the brake is, how to adjust the seat with one hand, how many shopping bags I can get in the basket (three, if you need to know). I am not afraid to dangle the nappy bag from the *gasp* rails.

I got this buggy thang down.

Just get out of my way, I’m coming through!

Slow and steady wins the race: Walking with toddlers

Oh, how I laughed and clapped with glee as I saw my little girl take a few steps into the unknown.

Oh how I felt so excited for her – movement! Independence! I thought it would make life easier. I thought I’d be able to do more.

Go on, I know you laughed then.

Like Pandora’s box the world of movement is now available to Bubs, and yes she loves it. She wants to walk all the time, and everywhere we go.


This can cause issues if you are late for the bus or a doctors appointment.

It would be ok if we were both going in the same direction. Or if we didn’t stop every few steps to try and eat a bit of litter or to pick a flower.

Sometimes she turns around completely and tries to walk the other way.

Luckily I invested in a set of reins to try and keep her near. My years of having a dog as a pet have been put to good use. Using a rein, walking a dog – it’s all a much of a muchness until you realise dogs at a year old will do as they’re told and sit still and only poo in the garden.

Stairs were things I never used to think much of before. Now I break out into a sweat if I see any nearby. This baby thinks she’s Bruce Willis in Die Hard, I’m sure. She will scale buildings, stairs and anything that’s in her way to reach whatever it is she wants – a toy, a piece of plastic or just for the hell of it. I blink and then in seconds she’s by the stairs, looking at me as it to say ‘yeah, I could go up these if I wanted to. And you won’t stop me’. She places a hand on the stairs, then slowly turns her head to make sure I watching.

“No stairs” I say.

“No” she says, shaking her head. Her other hand now carefully placed onto the first step. A slow, Cheshire-cat like smile spreads across her face. I get ready to grab her before her ascent commences.

She will try and put on my shoes and grab my handbag and says “bye!” Which is very sweet indeed, although usually my handbag is spread all over the floor and she’s chewing my payslip.

The buggy is now a restrictive device made for torture. Only bribery in the form of biscuits and drinks will allow temporary respite.

I don’t get anywhere on time anyway, but now Bubs can walk, it is an even even later and slower process. She looks so delighted to be toddling around and of course I am pleased for her. My hunchback from bending down so much may disagree.

They say slow and steady wins the race. I hope so…..

Out and About with a Baby Series – 1. Finding The Perfect Buggy

Now that Bubs is almost 4 months old, I am starting to venture out a bit more. This has meant I have had to start thinking about what I am doing, where I am going, and what I will need whilst I am out of the house. So far, I think I have done OK, and there hasn’t been a major hiccup. I thought I would share with you what I take with me Out and About, just in case you are wondering what on earth you need to get out of the door.

Finding The Perfect Buggy

First in this series, I thought I would tell you about prams/buggy’s. I will highlight some tips and advice about finding a buggy, and I will review the buggy I bought in case you are interested! Please note that this is my own review of the buggy, I bought it myself, and this review is no way affiliated with Baby Jogger (although I may let them know I have reviewed their buggy!). All views are my own and my honest opinion.

What Do You Want From Your Buggy?

When thinking about a buggy, I think you may want to consider these points:

  • Are you going to need to put it in a car? If so, will it fit in the boot?
  • Does the buggy collapse down easily?
  • Is there a big enough carry basket on there? Can you put all your things easily in/on the pram/buggy?
  • Where are you taking the buggy? Will you need something that can go off-road, for example? (3-wheelers for example are supposedly better off-road)
  • Do you want your baby to use a carrycot with the pram initially?
  • Do you want to be able to put your car seat onto the pram? If so, make sure your make of car seat matches the adaptors for the pram/buggy
  • Do you want a forward facing, or a Mum-facing pram? Some interchange between the two
  • Will the pram last through the baby’s first few years? Will it grow with the baby?
  • Weather protection: Rain cover and Parasol – are these included?
  • Can the pram be steered easily with one hand? (believe me you will have to do this one day!)
  • Check the suspension – will the baby have a bumpy ride?
  • Is it easy to assemble, reassemble?
  • Who will be using the buggy/pram? Will they be able to use it easily?
  • Does it have an adjustable handle for height differences?
  • Are the covers of the pram washable?
  • Is the brake easy to use?
  • Does the pram turn easily? Can you get in and out of doorways without much hassle?
  • What is the buggy like up and down steps and curbs?
  • Does the buggy have a safety harness which meets all legal criteria?

The Buggy I Bought (My Own Review)

Baby Jogger Mini GT

Baby Jogger Mini GT

Now, the buggy we bought is a Baby Jogger Mini City GT. When we bought it, it was Number 1 on the Which best buy list (We bought it in November 2012). The Baby Jogger is suitable from birth, as the back can be lowered to a flat position. The buggy is forward facing, which is a little disappointment for me, but there are 2 windows on the massive canopy which means I can peep at Bubs whilst she is in the buggy. We bought the car seat adapters (which are an additional cost – I think they are about £20) and so for the first few weeks it was great as I could put Bubs in the car seat, or straight out of the car, and onto the buggy, and she is forward facing in the car seat, so it is not a bad compromise especially in the first few weeks when you are wanting to check your baby is alright all the time!

I really like this buggy, although to start with I thought it was far too big and I was terrible at steering it. However, I think it is FAB now I have got the hang of it and I have stopped running over small children and cats. It is very easy to steer, and even easy to steer one-handed, the brake is on the right hand side, which flips up to put brake on and flip down to take off, which is very handy and means I am not fiddling about with your feet. As I have said above, the canopy/hood on this buggy is big: is can be extended two times, and when fully extended it practically covers the whole baby meaning shade in sun and protection from wind and rain. At the back, there is a mesh backing which allows air into the buggy to cool, and this has its own cover for when it is raining, and a neat little pocket is on there as well.

Shaded by the sun and having a nap

Shaded by the sun and having a nap

The basket underneath is big, and can carry 2 full shopping bags as well as coats. It can be a little tricky getting them in there, however, put with a little knack and experience, you can squeeze quite a lot under there.

The steering handle is adjustable, which is good for me and Dan as we are different heights. My only minor gripe is that there is nowhere to hang your changing bag/handbag from which would be good (there is a notice not to hang anything on the handle, and I have done this before OK, but I do think there is a risk of toppling over if you have a really heavy bag on there so best not).

To fold the baby jogger, you just pull the handle in the middle of the seat – this can be done one-handed which is very handy. it is not too heavy, and I can pick it up and put in the boot with little effort. I have a Nissan Micra and the buggy fits in the boot without having to take the wheels off, but yes, the wheels click on/off very simply if you needed to do this.

There is plenty of space for Bubs in the buggy, and she seems to like being in it. She can fall asleep very easily in there, and she likes playing with her toys in there as we go out and about. I have also purchased the baby jogger foot muff and this will be great in the future when it is colder and when bubs is a bit bigger.

The buggy is very versatile, like I say it feels a bit big to start with, and then the back is put down flat it does stick out at the back and so looks a lot bigger. As Bubs grows with the buggy, and we can raise the back, this will make it a bit easier.

I really like this buggy, and I think it is very good value for money (about £300). It should last a few years at least. Although I had really wanted a proper pram, this was the much more economic and rational choice, and now I have got used to using a buggy, I love it!

Searching for the Perfect Buggy/Pram

  • There are lots of buggy reviews online so I recommend searching for the buggy of your choice and having a look at what others say. YouTube is great to watch videos of buggys in action. I also found Which? a very good source of information.
  • If you find a cheaper price online, make sure you go into a store (any one that sells your pram/buggy) and make sure you have a good look at it; and then order online when you get home!
  • Watch out for any added extras. Although I love my buggy, I had to buy the car seat adapters and rain cover as extra.
  • Look in local NCT Sales, or Baby Sales, the buggy of your dreams may be there and at half the price!

I hope that you have found this useful. I certainly did not have a clue about buggy’s and prams when I was pregnant. If you have any other tips or advice about finding the perfect buggy/pram then let me know!