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Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Small Steps, Amazing Achievements

I have a few little things to share with you this week!

This week, Bubs has been really comfortable being on her front, and has started to try to wriggle herself about.  She will spend much longer on her front when she rolls over, and has learnt to lean her head to one side so she can lie on the mat, and rest! She seems quite good at moving diagonally, and when on her mat, she will lift her legs and bum in the air and try to push-off. In this fashion, she can shuffle herself off the mat, which I found this morning! It is pretty amazing how much strength she has!

She has also been practising more sitting up, and can sort of sit up leaning forward on her own for a few seconds. She is enjoying her bumbo seat now, she hated it before, she will ow happily go in the bumbo for 5 mins or so. She is also doing a lot more stomach crunches lifting her legs up and her head and neck forward, she can hold it for a minute or so as well, much more than I can I’m sure!

She is also starting to really make some noticeable sounds such as ‘A’ and ‘Nah’. She has also said ‘Da’. It’s so strange to look at her, and for her to babble away at me. I do wonder if she understands anything I say, I am not sure when they can, but she loves babbling to me, and it sounds so cute!

She is also sleeping better; she has been sleeping 8/9/10 until 6/7. She used to wake in the night grumbling, sort of half asleep, but she seems to sleep solidly now, or go back to sleep much easier, and doesn’t seem to make as much noise as she was doing!

We have also started to give her a little bit of water due to the heat. The look on her face when we gave it to her for the first time was a picture! She was not impressed and screamed the house down. However, with the Health Visitor’s advice, I have kept going, and given lots of praise when she has had water (even when spitting most of it out!). She has now started to a drink a little of it, and whilst I don’t think it’s her favourite thing at the moment, at least she is getting some.

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