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Reading Books with Children 0-3 and the Little Readers Day Out Bristol

I am really excited as I am going to go to the Little Readers’ Day out on Saturday, 28th June held at the venue @Bristol, in Bristol!






The day is all about encouraging children from 0-3 years to read and enjoy books.

“Little Readers’ Day Out is a free event aimed at helping parents of 0-3 year olds to get the most out of reading books with their babies and toddlers (older siblings are welcome). On Saturday 28th June in the At-Bristol science centre, parents will have the opportunity to take part in storytelling and rhyme time sessions with their little ones, and to speak to our reading experts about their child’s reading journey. There’s something for everyone; from parents who are yet to start reading to their baby to those who already read regularly. This is also an opportunity to join the baby book club and receive the best new books for babies and toddlers.

As well as story telling sessions and rhyme time there will be crafts and colouring, face painting, competitions and give-aways, guest appearances by well known book characters and a picture opportunity with Steam Dog Gromit. It promises to be a fabulous free event and great day out for any family with pre school children.”


It sounds a fabulous day and I am really looking forward to attending. If you are in the local area, why not come along too?

To find out more, check out the Little Readers’ Day Out Facebook Page or Twitter

Reading with Bubs

Reading is so important to me. I can’t remember a time when books weren’t a part of my life. I remember vividly reading nursery rhyme books and Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales when I was younger. I loved the ‘puddle lane’ series of books and I also had a few of the penguin books about the Royal Weddings!

My Mum has always encouraged me to read, and to delve into the world of fiction. Libraries were our favourite places to go. Sometimes we may have loved books so much we forgot to give them back in time (sneaking them back onto the shelf like a ninja! – oops and not advocated at all!).

I have said before on here, and well, everywhere, but my Mum told me this saying, and it has stuck with me always:

“You always have a friend when you have a book”

As a shy, introverted child, this gave me the confidence to read, and to feel it was OK to read and explore other worlds within them. Having a book with me has always meant I never felt like I looked like a gooseberry with nothing to do. I really want Bubs to feel this way too.

Bubs loves books just as much as I do. Her Dad and I love reading, and she seems to have picked this up too. She has had her own books since was about 3 months old. We would look at the fabric black and white books, and I could tell she would focus on the patterns within them. Since then we have been building up a collection of books, including the lovely books we get given as a Parragon Book Buddy, and she loves them! She has her favourites but these change week to week. At the moment she loves:



Each Peach Pear Plum

Noodle Loves Bedtime


Charles’ Fuge’s 123

Around The World We Go



She will want to read them again and again. It can feel tiring repeating yourself so many times but she gets so much out of these books and it is so nice to interact with her in this way. She loves pointing out objects in pictures and making animal sounds. She loves me making sound effects and different voices for characters.

To start with, I found it a bit weird to read books out, and I didn’t have much of a clue. I would read the books out but not really get into ‘character’ or make any effort with the books. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Then Bubs got a book all about Transport – diggers, cars, lorries, rockets – and I realised that I could make the sounds of these objects (“brum brum for a car, for example) and it all suddenly clicked.

I am really looking forward to a day of books with my girl, meeting up with other people and finding out more about how I can engage Bubs into reading and books as she gets older.

How did you discorver books with your child? How do you make reading fun? What tips do you have for new Mums and Dads about reading to their babies? Let me know in the comments below!

I have been invited to the Little Readers Day Out and as part of this invitation I will be given a goody bag on the day. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.






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  • This sounds amazing!! I love reading with Arthur! I am very conscious that we can’t buy kids books here (or any books really)….guess people just domt really read!!! We always try to get from the school library although these may be a little old for him (school starts from 3yrs and he is 1) there are some nice ones in there and we will be definitely stocking up when we are in the UK this summer! #PoCoLo

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