Prose For Thought – Peace with the Past

Peace with the Past

can you make peace with the past

when all you have to hold onto

is the red flamed anger

licking your clenched fists

soothing your closed eyes

smouldering, bitter embers

for so many years


can you forgive when you can’t forget

deciet so indulged

belief like the sun

assured of its dawn rise

trust broken like the sound of the birdsong

and so your world snaps like a finger

sharp and bone and blood


can you look back

rewind and reminded of mistakes

pennies in a jar

waiting to drop or kick over

waiting for the sore sting of sorry

forever lost chance

Can I make peace with the past

Emily Tealady 2013



Prose for Thought

10 thoughts on “Prose For Thought – Peace with the Past

  1. judithkingston

    Wow, powerful stuff. I love the “snapped like a finger”, very brutal and very true. I hope you can eventually make peace with the past!

  2. dragonsflypoppy

    I really do hope you find your peace. Sometimes it can be so very hard to let go. But, oh, when you do…the relief. I wrote a poem about it called ‘Enough Now’, hope to read something like that sometime, when you have that peace. In the meantime, we are all here for you xx

  3. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    I can really associate with all of these feelings – I really loved the ‘snapped like a finger’ line too. Lots of emotions put so well into poetry. Thank you so much for linking to Prose for Thought 🙂 xx


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