Prose for Thought – Now I Know

This poem is inspired by the birth of the Bubba and I am linking up with Prose for Thought.

Now I Know

When I first saw you

I didn’t feel a rush

I just felt confused and foggy mist decended

I didn’t think about the moment

suspended, frozen, paused

forever to repeat each growing month, each year

When I first held you

I didn’t feel a gush

I couldn’t understand; couldn’t comprehend

No warmth like brandy to the soul

No music, no colour, no rainbow shining

Just a purple blue wriggle of hands and feet

Angry eyes of a sleep disturbed

I felt a bit empty; a vessel perturbed

10 weeks of tears salty sweet and milky

Of rocking, lullabyes, late night cries

ropes being grasped; lessons learnt

this morning sun shining

a realisation, a belated neuron blast switching

a found puzzle piece

Now I know how it feels

Emily Tealady 2013

Prose for Thought

11 thoughts on “Prose for Thought – Now I Know

  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    What a wonderfully honest poem. So true for so many first time parents (I was one of those!). I always feel you are so true to yourself with your writing. Thank you for linking up to Prose for Thought lovely xx

  2. dragonsflypoppy

    I felt a little like that first time round. You have been so very honest, and it is so good to share these things so others know they are not alone. So glad you know now. Lovely xx

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