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Poem for Valentines – Prose4T

For Prose 4 T this week, I have a guest poem. This is written by my mum. She works in older peoples services, and has written this poem for valentines. Like me, she loves writing poetry. I have only recently introduced her to my blog, which she said she loved. She shared this poem with me, and it really touched me, so I have her permission to share it with you. So here it is:

Poem for Valentines

I may be a bit wobbly
My eyes aint so good
But I said I’d look after you
As long as I could

Even though it’s not easy
You don’t remember my name
But I love you my darling
Just the same

Remember when sweetheart
We danced through the night?
With Me in my Uniform
And You in your White

You sometimes remember
Cos I heard you describe
The dress that you wore when
You were my bride

But then when you ask me
Who are you my dear?
My tired eyes fill
With unshed tears

You don’t know who I am
When I tell you my name
But I love you my darling
Just the same

LCG 2014

7 thoughts on “Poem for Valentines – Prose4T”

  • Beautiful. I too work with older people, and ive worked with a couple of men in particular who this reminds me of; the two I’m thinking of both care for their wives with advanced dementia. They have always wanted them at home no matter what, and they have always inspired and amazed me with how much they do for their loved ones. Xxxx

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I have a support role with Adult Social Care monitoring nursing and residential home vacancies using spreadsheets and databases. Working with names on a spreadsheet, it would be so easy to dismiss them as such and not remember that these people were young once, had fulfilling lives and worked hard and laughed, cried, argued, sang and danced. I wrote this and keep it next to my PC to remind everyone who sees it that we are dealing with people not numbers. It also reminds me how devoted my Dad was to my Mum (Emily’s Nan mentioned on here in prose) when she became ill and he had to do everything for her up to the end. Heroes are not always found on the battlefield or the sports arena.

      Linda (aka Emily, Lydia & Eleanor’s Mum and proud to be so) xx

  • This is beautiful. It’s a testament to your mum that she can clearly understand how difficult it must be for the elderly when they are caught up in this situation. She must be an amazing lady #prose4t

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