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PG Tips ‘Royal-Tea-Cup’ Cocktail

Tea in a Cocktail? OK Then!

As you know, I am a big lover of everything tea. So when PG Tips told me about the cocktail they have created in celebration of the new Royal Baby, I thought it would be a really fun thing to do! And as it included my favourite tea in the whole world, how could I refuse?

When they sent me the ingredients in order to make the cocktail, I really couldn’t say no!

The Fruit Cup style cocktail takes inspiration straight from the royal wedding day to combine details from the pair’s nuptials with quintessentially English ingredients, resulting in a rich and refreshing PG tipple packed full of Britishness and served in dainty tea cups.

To enjoy a very British punch, the below recipe makes 10-12 teacups or 6-8 longer drinks (I must say I went for the longer drink option!)



6 British strawberries with the core removed

A handful of fresh mint leaves, ripped

100ml freshly boiled water

1 PG tips The Rich One teabag

75g sugar

50ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 1 ½ lemons)

½ an unwaxed lemon’s rind, peeled and chopped

15ml elderflower cordial

100ml English apple juice

200-400ml gin

350ml soda water or sparkling water

350ml English sparkling wine (or cava)

For non-alcoholic punch:

Omit the gin and sparkling wine and use 150ml apple juice and 550ml soda water instead


Lots of fresh ice in big chunks

Slices of cucumber skin

Rose petals

Slices of strawberries





Step 1: In a pestle and mortar, roughly crush the strawberries and mint leaves together. (I had no pestle and mortar but I had a small bowl and a wooden spoon, and that more or less did the trick!)



Step 2: Mix the crushed mint and strawberries with the hot water, PG tips The Rich One teabag, sugar, lemon juice and rind then stir until all the sugar hmixturestandas dissolved. Leave to stand for 8-10 minutes, then strain, reserving the syrup



Step 3: In a large bowl or jug, mix the syrup with the elderflower, apple juice and gin to taste. (The mix can be chilled for a few hours at this point until ready to serve.)



Step 4: When ready to serve, add large blocks of ice, the soda water and sparkling wine. Stir gently to combine

Step 5: To serve, line teacups with a sliver of cucumber skin, shaved using a potato peeler, then fill the cup with freroyalteacupcocktailsh ice. Serve using a ladle

Step 6: Garnish with a red rose petal and a slice of strawberry in the shape of a heart





Taste Test

This is a lovely cocktail and tasted lovely and fresh, just the right amount of sweet, and was not too overpowering with alcohol. I know a few people I spoke to were wondering what the teabag/tea taste would be like, well it all blended really well together and whilst you can taste the tea it doesn’t overpower or taste strange – it really brings all the ingredients together. It was easy to do, and was not too messy and most of all it was quite quick to put all the ingredients together – you just wait 10 mins, strain, and voila, it’s done. Its probably easier if you have some of the kitchen equipment rather than improvising like me! You could make up the syrup beforehand and then add the alcohol or juice when you’re ready to serve. I think this is a lovely drink for a dinner party or a celebration. And as it was made in celebration of the new royal baby, I will say Congratulations and Bottoms Up to Kate and Wills!

Non-Alcohol Version

Oh, and if you happen to have a little bun in the oven yourself, or don’t drink alcohol, it is easy to adjust – just add apple juice and soda water instead of the gin and the wine. It tastes just as nice, and is really refreshing. I love both versions so it’s a total hit from me!

As someone who loves tea, I really enjoyed trying this cocktail and using tea in a different way. I think I will look at other ways to use tea in drinks and cooking, and will blog about that too!

If you try out the cocktail, let me know what you think! Or if you use tea in recipes, let me know!

I was sent the ingredients for this cocktail in order to make the cocktail and try it. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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