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Peanut Hottie Recipe – Peanut Banana Oaty Muffins [low syn slimming world]

I was asked recently if I would like to try and do something creative in the kitchen with Peanut Hottie.

I have had a lot of fun trying Peanut Hottie and seeing what you can cook with it! I had never thought of cooking with it before.  It tastes lovely as a hot drink and a great alternative to a hot chocolate. At 83 calories per cup it is a great low fat treat. It is also suitable for vegetarians caffeine free (great for bedtime!) and no artificial additives or colours. Peanut Hottie have just released a new version, Chocolate Peanut Hottie, which is divine! I just had to see what I could do with it in a recipe, it’s a winning combo! 

So, Here is my recipe for Peanut Banana Oaty Muffins


 30g Oats (I used a packet of Oat So Simple Multigrain)

2 x eggs, beaten

1 x mullerlight yoghurt, (I used vanilla with dark chocolate sprinkles) – you could use any low fat yogurt 

 2 x teaspoons Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hottie 

 Half a ripe banana, mashed 


 Add oats to a bowl. 

 Add yoghurt and stir together

Add 2 x teaspooons of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hottie. 

 Add the eggs and mix well until all combined. 

Add the banana and stir.

Seperate into 6 muffin tins, and cook in the oven 200 degrees until cooked (15-20 minutes). 

 Allow to cool, serve with fresh banana and perhaps some yoghurt or chocolate sauce. 


These are really nice, great for a quick brekkie or a snack. They are a little more squidgy than normal muffins just to warn you, but I found them pleasant enough to eat. I would maybe add more oats to give them a more flapjack feel in hindsight and something I will try soon! 

 Why not try….PANCAKES

You could also use this mixture to make some american style “magic” pancakes – watch this space as I will give this a go very soon and show you what they look like! 

Slimming World Notes:

On slimming world, at the time of publishing, the oats would be your HEB. Syn the cooked banana (2 syns) and the peanut hottie (10g = 2 syns) and you have 6 muffins for 4 syns (about 0.5 syns per muffin) (if not using HEB then add 6 syns =10 syns for 6 or 1.5 syns a muffin).

If making this, make sure you weigh and count everything and check your values in the book or online – as syns can change!   

Chocolate Peanut Hottie is £2.99 and available from Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose. 

For more recipe ideas with Peanut Hottie check out their Recipe Page. 

I’ve really enjoyed using Peanut Hottie so keep your eyes peeled for some more recipes soon! 

I was sent some Peanut Hottie in order to create a recipe. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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