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Moving House with a Toddler

This could be the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

Moving House with a toddler in tow.

As she doesn’t go to nursery yet, I have nowhere to just take her to, to get her out of the way (for her own good). I think if I had the choice I’d even go to work myself to get out of the way.

So, here we are. We are in a half empty house; with boxes and dust around us.

Yes, we are moving our entire house ourselves with the help of family, a man with a van and several bottles of wine.

I hate moving house.

We should be in our new house by Thursday, and then all I have to do is clean up the other house and all the various and mysterious stains on carpets and walls that are discovered as we move furniture out of the way.

Anyway here are a few things I’ve learnt during this move:

Tips for moving house with Toddlers:

1. Don’t pack the baby toys or the stair gate until you literally have nothing left in the house. Unless you want a feral toddler running around the place picking up bits of fluff.

2. Stock up on snacks and quick and easy foods to make meals for you and toddler as you try and survive with half your belongings in another place. (She’s had a lot of fish fingers).

3. Keep a Hoover at the old house to hoover up all the dust, food, lost dummies and bits of duplo which will be underneath everything you move.

4. Sort out toys to take and toys to give to charity once child is asleep or else she will suddenly find a new found love for the bright green dinosaur you got given at last year’s britmums

5. Don’t let a child near any boxes or bags unless you want to empty them completely

6. Give as much stuff away that you don’t really want. Baby clothes are coming out of my ears and I’ve also found unopened and in date baby milk and baby food which I’m giving to a food bank.

7. Get as many people as possible to help. Family and friends are a godsend.

8. Remember that if it got up the stairs, it surely must be able to get down again. Even if that involves deconstructing a whole bedroom.

9. Remember you need blackout curtains in toddlers room and someone who can put up a curtain rail. Oh and curtain hooks! curtains don’t work without hooks. Without these curtains there’s no sleep.

10. Make sure you have wine or your alcohol of choice at home, as you may will need it.

11. Get other people to do everything for you like a removal company. Save your sanity, unlike me.

12. Make sure the first thing you unpack is the kettle, some cups, tea and milk. First things first.

Do you have any tips for moving house? Let me know!

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26 thoughts on “Moving House with a Toddler”

  • Excellent tips, really sensible. We’ve moved a few times, last was all six of us, (two adults, four kids, plus two hamsters and the cat) and we had to go into storage and camp out for 5 weeks at Mum and Dads on the floors….. never EVER again. I detest moving now there are so many of us!

  • Great tips, I hope the move goes well! We moved when the twins were 10 months but luckily my mum and dad only live down the road so we stayed there while the new house got sorted. We have said that we are never moving again lol! x

  • This post made me chuckle – ‘feral toddler running around the place picking up bits of fluff’ has to be quote of the week for me! When I moved I was lucky that my parents looked after the toddler & we used removal men. The top tip I’ve got is to get toddler’s room sorted first. Make it as near to what they have left behind, same bedding, familiar toys/furniture. I also bought a new toy and put it on the bed in the new house as a ‘welcome to your new bedroom/new home’ gift.

  • We haven’t moved since having kids and I really really don’t want to – the new house would have to be perfect for us to make me! We had an extension built with a baby and a 3yo – that was bad enough!

  • Ha you’ve really made me think as I’ve gotta new house move pending imminently. Some really good tips, I never thought of the hoover tip. Thanks Emily you’ve brightened up my day!

  • Great list of tips. I hope moving goes smoothly for you and you enjoy your new place! How very exciting. I moved at 8 1/2 months pregnant I would never recommend it. I think this would have been so helpful even then too! Great post. #pocolo

  • This did make me laugh, though I do feel for you! We moved house two years ago when my sons were 2 and 4. It was mayhem. As we were packing they kept climbing into boxes and once we got to the new house and started unpacking they turned the empty boxes into ‘boats’ and spent hours shouting ‘man overboard’ and falling out of them! My tip – keep at least one packing box as a toy – it can keep them distracted for hours while you pack/unpack/redecorate/wonder what on earth to do with all the random bits of stuff the previous owners left! #pocolo

  • What a complete and utter nightmare! You poor love. I have to say that this is one thing I am VERY grateful for not having to do that – although I was 37 weeks pregnant when we moved which was a nightmare in itself! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  • This made me giggle. The image of toddler unpacking all your bags sounds about right, and well done for remembering the alcohol!! Great post and Good Luck #pocolo

  • Grace says – Good Luck in your new house – we’re very excited for you.
    Lucas says – The toddler is there to help you. You’ll be VERY grateful for the unpacking skills when you’re in the new house. I hope they’ve got the biggest bedroom!!! #pocolo

  • Yikes, you are a brave woman! Good luck. I will be filing your tips for future use – and also as a way to put my husband off next time he gets the moving bug. #pocolo

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