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Let’s Pull Together: Life is what you make of it

Life is What You Make of It

Being registered as an RNLD

working with people who struggle more than you and me

to say that this group of people; part of society

should be put down like an animal; no love, no help, no dignity


it’s a bigoted comment from one who doesn’t know

the great satisfaction people with these needs can show

their lives are fulfilled; they achieve their dreams

they may not be the same dreams as you and me

but dreams none the less; and they thrive and they laugh

and people who know them, lives enriched, lives enhanced


who are we to talk of quality

of life – how can you make that judgement for anybody

to smile, to smell, to laugh, to feel, to touch

life is what you make of it; I believe this very much

and the love of family, of friends, and of supporting

we all have this; for life it is important

so why question somebody because of their genes

I feel this is not the way it is supposed to be.


I love working in this field

its made me a better person I feel.

seeing others learn and grow

supporting when they’re feeling low

empowering them with what they need to know

This is the job that I love so

How can anyone decide another human should die

the judgement made without knowing or seeing other sides

just because they are different; I just can’t comprehend

why this discrimination just cannot end

I am linking up with downs side up

to pull together

to get this discrimination to stop


Emily Tealady 2013

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