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Lentil Pasta Sauce – Easy Recipe

I think we are still baby led weaning. Who knows? Bubs eats what we eat most the time. It’s usually easier that I make portions of big meals and freeze smaller portions for Bubs. We tend to eat together at least once a week as a family, but with my partner working shifts, sometimes it’s not possible.

Anyway, a slow cooker is a great way to make food that we can all eat, but maybe not all at the same time.

This lentil pasta sauce is based on one that I ate which was cooked by my partners mum. She saved us many a time from getting scurvy in the first few months of having a baby, by dropping round a healthy meal, and she gave us a lentil pasta sauce one time. I loved it so much I tried to recreate it.

Bubs loves this so much, she would rather eat the sauce then the pasta! Lentils are a great source of calcium, iron and B vitamins so are great for families like ours where we mainly eat a vegetarian diet (well, I’m the only one who eats meat).

This is a very easy slow cooker meal. I am sure you can cook this on the hob too, basically until all the lentils are cooked, but slow cooking really does make everything taste lovely.

Ps – I do everything by eye and as I made this up I didn’t really measure anything, and I never have. But it’s never gone wrong!

You will need:

Red lentils – probably about a quarter to half a packet
Onion – diced
Garlic – finely chopped or cheat like I do I with a teaspoon of the lazy stuff in the jar
Red pepper – diced
Carrot – diced
Chopped tomatoes
1 pint stock
200mls of water/half a tin of water (I use the chopped toms tin)


1. I always wash my lentils first, but that’s up to you.

2. I then layer the lentils into the slow cooker – probably about an inch and a half thick in the bottom of the slow cooker.

3. Then I chuck in the garlic, onions, red pepper, carrot, tin of chopped tomatoes, and the stock and mix thoroughly.

4. I put the slow cooker on low and I leave it to cook for about 6 hours, or put it on before I go to work and it’s ready before I get back!

After half an hour or so check your lentils, they can absorb a lot of water so you want to add a bit more at the point it’s not looking very watery. I say if you’re going out for the day, add the extra water from the beginning. It doesn’t hurt.

5. I love this sauce served with spaghetti and a bit of grated cheese. It’s comfort food at it’s very best.



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